Thursday, 10 June 2010

Orcs sir... Thousands of 'em...

... well five anyway!

Another bunch of narsty orcses for the evergrowing horde. These are great old minis a few of which I remember gazing at in the pages of White Dwarf wishing  would own them some day - and now finally I do!

Ambush at Ashak Rise!

Now for the mug shots -

Painted this chap as a Kwae Carr Orc - took the shield design from the scenario book and painted it with a sharpened stick! Might need a closer photo though...

I remember seeing this guy in a Golden Demon warmachine entry - somone had converted the Dwarf Gobloober into an orcy catapult that launched severed dwarf heads - he entitked the piece Revenge I think!

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