Tuesday 11 August 2009

The Four Doctors

So far I have the first four Doctors as they're my favourites - the Seventh Doctor and Ace are on the wish list...

The First Doctor with Ian and Barbara (never got round to getting hold of Susan)

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe encounter some trouble with the locals...

The Third Doctor with Sarah Jane and Jo Grant

The Fourth Doctor introduces an old friend to K9 and Leela

and not forgetting the Doctor's oldest friend - the Tardis

Tinpot Dictators...

More stuff from the archive - This was my first project having bought the Invasion Earth Box Set, Dalek Patrol and a few other bits and bobs.

Lurking in the following pics you will see Davros, a Suicide Dalek, Special Weapons Dalek and Engineer Dalek, a couple of Ogrons, plus a few command options - painted up some Warrior Daleks as the Black, Gold and Red Daleks (Saucer Pilot). Not sure if these were compatible as far as Dalek history goes - just liked the colour schemes! Talking of colour schemes, although I was tempted by the classic silver and blue livery, as Davros was present I had to go with the old Grey and Black as seen in Genesis of the Daleks - the best Dalek story!

Daleks exterminating Cybermen!

More Cybermen

Some more old pics - this time in action against Unit -

Mars Attacks

Been going through some old photos and finally organised them -

Here are the Ice Warriors - mainly Black Tree figs with a few of the Citadel ones thrown in for variation - these were a lot smaller so I had to fiddle around with some putty to raise the bases on the two Citadel warriors to make them fit in a bit better. The Ice Lord didn't look too bad as they were supposed to be a bit more streamlined so I left him as he was.

Tobias Vaughn and Packer

Finally got my minis through from Artizan designs - more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang guards to give a little variety, plus a pistol toting chap who bears a passing resemblance to Packer. Also ordered Dr Salamander from the Thrilling Tales range, who looks good as Vaughn. Did have to give him a shave though to get rid of his goatee!


Wednesday 5 August 2009

Invasion Cybermen

Just finished painting up another squad of Cybermen I got on Ebay - brings total to 24 now! Just need some sewers to put them in...

Haven't finished basing them yet - wanted to try something different to the usual covering of static grass. They are pictured here in my next painting project - some nice ruins I put together from Antenociti's Workshop - it is 20mm scenery but I don't think it is too noticeable.

Monday 3 August 2009

Silurians and Sea Devils

Another Reason Not To Go Potholing...

The Silurians were great Who monsters and having read Bloodheat I was inspired to put together an invasion force for their next takeover bid.

Painted up an Icthar mini as the colony leader Morka - miraculously back from the dead! Pictured here with a Nanotyrranus from Copplestone Castings.

Here's the rest of the rank and file - shame there are only two poses for the Silurian warriors but al least they are pretty faithful representations.

No self respecting Silurian would embark on a war of extermination against the apes without a few fighting animals -

Allosaurus - Ral Partha I think - bargain off Ebay!

Pterodactyll - Copplestone Castings

Nanotyrannus - Copplestone Castings

Had to include their aquatic brethren, the Sea Devils, for some heat ray action -

Not forgetting the "fearsome" Myrka!!

And here are a few shots of them in action -

Also wrote a four part Invasion Earth scenario to go with the scaly ones -

Vengeance From Below