Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Literary Philistines


Kurtz drew his foot languidly through the ash that blanketed the ground. Absent-mindedly he toyed with an old finger bone that lay in the dust with the worn toe of his boot. The scene before him was a familiar one - men, women, others - sat huddled together in small groups or alone, cloaks wrapped tight against the keening wind as the brackish waters of the river rolled sluggishly by. Yesterday they had marched and fought and waited and they would do it all again today.

Sunday, 31 January 2021

A New Challenge - The Cult of the New Colossus

 Well hello strangers - been quite a while since I was here last and what a time it's been! I hope this post finds those of you who still check in on this blog as well as can be. I'm afraid the Dr Who Battlefield project kind of fell by the wayside thanks to a combination of homeschooling, redecorating and work worries in the form of a restructure. Thankfully that all worked out in the end and I once more find myself furloughed and with time on my hands. 

On to pastures new...

I do have an update on the Dr Who stuff - lots of model/conversions I had fun with back in Lockdown 1.0 but no painting yet. I'll share that with you as soon as I get round to taking some WIP photos. Instead of that I present a new project as I head back to old school Warhammer fantasy. Having admired the Old World Army Challenge from afar for some time now, I’m very glad to have been able to join the noble ranks of OWAC challengers this year! If you've not heard of the challenge before head on over to the blog and acquaint yourself with the fruits of past and present entries - we've already got our January entries in. Basically the idea is to paint up an army of at least 1000 points over six months and hopefully not fall prey to the vagaries of real life or painter's block and join the fallen on the Field of Bones! My entries will of course be posted up on the OWAC blog first but once the 24 hours grace period is over I am free to share my pictures as I see fit. If you haven't already then please do follow the OWAC blog and check out the Facebook group - the more traffic there the better!

Sunday, 19 July 2020


So despite having various mini-projects to do and even some bigger ones that have been painted but not featured on here yet, it appears my brain wants to do something entirely different. This coupled with another furious bout of decorating and much of my hobby stuff buried under huge piles of other stuff, while we try to get the house sorted as much as possible with the current building work, means that embarking on an entirely new project seems like just the thing to do... 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Dawn of Lead 2019: Here Be Monsters!

Found this post lurking amongst the various drafts that have been slowly amalgamating on my blog for a while now and thought it was high time I shared it with you!

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Retrospective: A Ship of Fools - The Crew of Gilliam's Folly

The allegory of the Ship of Fools might be rather pertinent at the moment here in the UK and elsewhere, however I am using the phrase literally to introduce this lot - the crew(s) of Gilliam's Folly!

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Retrospective: Gilliam's Folly

Long term readers of this blog will perhaps remember a little project I began thinking about all the way back in August of 2014. Those initial musings (and these later ones), in response to a game based on the Warhammer Ahoy rules and planned for BOYL 2015, would eventually turn in to fevered action in June 2015. In those few months there were a plethora of (well three!) posts charting the frenzied shipbuilding and shop mannequin abuse that ensued. And then nothing. Like a ship in the night, this Time Bandits inspired monstrosity just disappeared... 

Welcome Watchers of Illusion to the Castle of Confusion!

Some of you may have seen the series of "School of Daddy" posts I've been posting on Facebook, charting the home school learning journey me and the kids are embarked upon during lockdown. Well there's a bit of an old school gaming cross over with yesterday's lesson that I thought you might appreciate!

I've also been posting up each lesson to this blog for a more permanent record.

For those of you not hailing from the UK, Knightmare was an awesome kids show that ran from 1987 to 1994. Essential viewing for all armchair adventurers once they'd rushed home from school!Check it out on a well known video hosting site near you!