Thursday, 24 June 2010

None Shall Pass...

Got the next two militia men painted up. In keeping with the nature of the minis I managed to collect together I've changed the backstory a little...

As the professional soldiery that normally garrisons Linden Way has been called away to fight off the Goblin hordes assaulting the region around Ortar, an emergeny guard has been raised from the nearby city of Meledir. However, not all the soldiers left Linden Way - a small rear guard of the young, old, inexperienced and wounded has been left to shape up the militia into as an effective a fighting unit as is possible.

Here we have the young and impetuous Rearguard Captain Leofric (a hasty and not altogether wise field promotion) and his old Breton sergeant-at-arms, Corbin Grincheux.

Rearguard Captain Leofric is a young, impetuous corporal who's field promotion has gone straight to his head! Being left behind as a rearguard has also wounded his pride. Little does he know what is coming his way...

The Garrison Commander wisely left Corbin Gricheux, a grizzled veteran of many campaigning seasons in Bretonnia, to keep Leofric in check. Despite, this laconic old sergeant's dour exterior, inside he secretly nurses an almost maternal affection for the young conscripts under his care!

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