Sunday 31 January 2016

One Big Mob - Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

Just a quick post today before I go back to no internet land - still waiting on getting connected...

Lots of naked lead and plastic today, although I have been busy painting epic Space Wolves all weekend - honest! Unfortunately I didn't get them done in time to share today - just the bases and banners to do.

 I seem to have been lured away from Imperial doctrine by the siren call of the Waaa-Ork and like many a Mekaniak my dreams have been full of the plundering of worlds and the Gods themselves walking amongst us in suits of iron and steel!

So I finished building my Gargant Big Mob. The Mega Gargant is painted up albeit rather hastily to get it ready for BOYL 2014 - definitely ripe for some detailing and chequers to finish him off.

The others are the fruits of my forages on ebay and quite the bargain they were too! One lot provided me with a load of titan weapons, two incomplete Great Gargant bodie and some weapons and the Slasha Gargant, while another (listed as a Dalek like figure!) gave me the third incomplete Great Gargent and the incomplete Mekboy Gargant.

I had a ton of fun hashing together bits to complete them as my budget was no way going to stretch buying actual Gargant weapons at BIN price son ebay. How many parts can you identify?

Happily I've found Adetus Titanicus rules for Gargants in various White Dwarfs and the old Codex  Titanicus so I'd definitely like to get a Titan V Gargant game in sometime...

Saturday 16 January 2016

Pastures new...

It's been a little quiet around here lately - too quiet.

There have been reasons though - big boring real life reasons. Well actually they've been quite exciting at times and very boring and frustrating at others.

Yep we've finally moved house from York to the Lake District for some well earned peace and quiet,

 time to get re-acquainted with the family

and generally enjoy the rural idyll.

Well I say we...

Yep - managed to break my left fibula when I had a disagreement with a plastic bag (which I suspect the wife accidentally dropped) whilst carrying several large boxes down the stairs as we were packing things up in our old house in York earlier this week.

The culprit...

However, frustrating as it is, there are certain fringe benefits...

The possibilities of getting some painting done as I spend 12 weeks in plaster has also not escaped me!

Nothing much to show so far, although I have been busy painting some Epic scale Chaos stuff that now needs basing - pics to come.

Which brings me on to some New Year Resolutions.

1. Paint lots of Epic! 

I managed to procure both Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine 1st ed. before Christmas and am planning some big Horus Heresy era games once I've got everything painted up. 

In fact I'm hoping to run an Adeptus Titanicus game at BOYL 2016, providing all the minis needed with interchangeable magnetised weapons so players can make their own force up, as well as a large ruined city board to play on.

I've also managed to amass a large quantity of Space Marines, Rhinos and Landraiders and plan to paint them up as various Loyalist and Traitor Chapters...

2. Stay in touch with my gaming buddies!

One of the down sides of moving out to the sticks is that I've left behind an active and great little gaming group. We've been hooking up for games at various locations up and down the M1 between York and Newark on a semi-monthly basis. I've just got a bit further to go now!

Mind you, having said that, I have just had a great game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd ed., with a bit of Siege thrown in for good measure, via Facebook with Warlord Paul, as part of the Mighty Empires game he's running for us at the moment.

3. Re-establish the Man Cave

One of the pre-requisites I had in mind back when we were house-hunting (as well as being easily defendable from Zombies and well away from any flood plains) was a room I could dedicate to my hobby. Luckily I have just that in the form of a fourth attic room in which we're getting a loft conversion done. I fear I may be living out of boxes for a while longer but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait...

Think that'll do for now  apologies for the meme overload! Hopefully next time I should have some painted miniatures to share...

Tuesday 12 January 2016

BOYL 2015: A Journey to the East

So - better late than never eh?!

My excuse - Unfortunately the months after BOYL 2015 saw my spare time  and the amount of energy I had for what spare time was left sorely lacking. Back then we were busy juggling every day life with trying to sell our house in York, buy one in the Lake District and work out how we were going to earn a living.

Anyhow - more of that in another post as I have all sorts of news to share. For now I'm just going to knock this report on the head and give you a brief account of the game so I can clear the decks for 2016.

 I inherited this particular game from fellow Oldhammerer Richard, who decided that just playing a game set in the endless steppes of the Warhammer world wasn't enough - he buggered off to Mongolia to experience it for himself and even get some wargaming in there too!

As I was now in charge I came up with a bit of a back story that fitted in around my Hobgoblin army and as that army was getting pretty big, I decided to make it one big objective for the other players to tackle how they saw fit.

Unfortunately as it's been so long I'm a bit hazy on several of the players names (apologies - if you read this feel free to enlighten me in my ignorance in the comments below!).

The warbands included an Ogre Warlord (sorry - forgot your name!) hot in pursuit of a treacherous former lackey who had upped and left for the East, taking with him the boss's favourite cleaver! They were reinforced by some Steppe Horsemen - kindly provided by Golgfag.