Monday 27 July 2015

A Face to Launch a Single Ship...

Yikes, BOYL 2015 is nearly here and there's still plenty to do! It didn't help that I pulled an all nighter on Saturday, supporting my Brother who ran the Lakeland 100 - a 105 mile run up, down and through most of the Lake District.

I'm definitely on catch-up now but have had a very productive morning bulking up the Giant's head with milliput.

Lots of milliput!

Thursday 23 July 2015

It Khan be done!

If you put your mind to it...

As BOYL 2015 approaches ever nearer, I look upon my pile of primed (and in some cases - bare lead) miniatures and despair. There is rather a lot to do before the big weekend but all is not lost.

Thank God for the Summer holidays!

As I am now a man of leisure, I have been able to lavish a considerably larger amount of time on painting this past week and these are the results - most of my Hobgoblin army!

First off is a small unit of Hobyars - the elite of the Hobgoblin army, they are made of Nomadic nobles and their retainers.

Thursday 2 July 2015

Broad in the Beam

The ship building rolls ever onwards and my ship nears completion. I'll have a full naming ceremony and backstory when she's ready to launch!