Sunday 1 December 2013

Day of the Doctor

I finally caught up with some of the 50th Anniversary Dr Who shows that were on a while back -  I missed the actual day of televisual celebrations as I had retreated from civilisation for a very pleasant Birthday weekend in the Lakes.

Anyhow, very much enjoyed the Day of the Doctor - especially Tom Baker's appearance. Nice to see the Zygons back again, although I reckon they were a little overshadowed by the events on Gallifrey. They definitely deserve their own episode at some point.

All this Who goodness inspired me to dig out my old Blacktree minis and take some fresh photos - that and a great email from fellow Oldhammerer, Lenihan inviting me to join in a Dalek Civil War game as soon as his Black Tree Design order arrives. He's assembled a mighty Imperial Dalek force so I've reinforced my existing Genesis/Renegade force and look forward to a bit of Invasion Earth action in the New Year. Oh I should mention Warlord Paul is waiting in the wings to take command of a U.N.I.T. Taskforce to try and dissuade the Dalek menace from obliterating Earth in their little spat!

Enough jibber jabber - here's some new pics of my whole Dr Who collection.