Thursday 29 September 2016

A Tale of Four Gamers: Nerves of Lead

The 1st of September ushered in one of the many challenges I have taken up this year in the form of the familiar Tale of Four Gamers. Thanks to Ashley at Little Lead People who, inspired by the hi-jinks of Messrs Warlord Paul, Orlygg, Chico and Steve at BOYL 2016, suggested we have also have a go at the challenge.  

I gather the Warlord Paul, Orlygg, Steve and Chico are repeating the success of their Tale of Four Gamers - this time with Mordheim and only one miniature a month in their Tale of Four Gamers: City of Lead. To differentiate ourselves from our esteemed other four gamers, we're calling our challenge   Tale of Four Gamers: Nerves of Lead. Clear as mud I'm sure! Anyhow the upshot of it all is that between now and BOYL 2017 we have to paint up 150 points worth of troops each month and either blog about them or post them on facebook. Oh and we get to fight each others' armies at BOYL 2017 as well!

We've decided to stick with Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd ed. and I'm looking forward to seeing my fellow gamers' armies taking shape. I've picked Dark Elves, Ashley has succumbed to the lure of Undeath, Matthew is taking to the field with Orcs and Adam stands alone for the forces of good with his Wood Elves. 

So why Dark Elves? I've never really had much to do with Elves of any kind really other than those required for the Orc's Drift scenarios. The High Elves were a bit goody-two-shoes for me and Wood Elves are really just a bunch of tree-huggers aren't they? Mind you I do have a large tub full of them to paint up another time...