Sunday 28 June 2015

Car Boot Treasures!

Morning all - now I don't often post many "Look what I've got!" posts, or at least I hope I don't. However, yesterday I was presented with this by my Mother-in-Law after she'd been to a local car boot sale.

At first I assumed it was full of old Citadel paints and hoped that they would still be usable. When she handed the box over though, I nearly dropped it because of the weight.

It was full of lead!

After I had assured her that £5 was probably a good price to have paid, I had a good rummage to see what was lurking in there...

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Golden Boars V. the Slann-in-Spacers

I took a break from shipbuilding the other night for a game of Bloodbowl as my old pal Ollie was back in town.

His Golden Boars team were spoiling for a bit of Pub League action and my Slann-in-Spacer's (more about them here as well) were only too happy to oblige - would it be a walk over for the Big League boys or might there be some giant killing from the under dogs?

Monday 22 June 2015

All Above Board

The ship building continues on apiece and it's certainly been a productive weekend! Armed with model knife, saw and a big pile of balsa wood, I have been busy building up the fo'c'sle and forward decks.

Thursday 18 June 2015

This season's latest must have...

Got a bit more progress done on my Time Bandits inspired ship for the Warhammer Ahoy game at this year's BOYL.

Having committed all kinds of butchery in cutting out a 6cm section of the ship to shorten it, I think it now looks a little more like the source material.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

A Journey to the East

As BOYL 2015 looms ever larger on the horizon, I've been having a think about how the Journey to the East game might look on the table top.

To start with I've come up with some background for my Hobgoblin Warlord and his army -

All in all, Warlord Vidhal Timotei had had a very profitable campaigning season. Having absconded from the ranks of the Mournghul Horde and stabbed all his rivals in the back, Timotei had led his small army south from the Steppe, up into the Mountains of Mourn. From a lofty viewpoint in those inhospitable peaks, he led his savage Hobgoblin warriors in raid after raid against the hapless caravans that plied the Great Silk Road.

Sunday 14 June 2015

Many hounds are the death of the hare

And many hounds are what I now have - although they'll probably be more interested in Dwarf, Human or Elf as a snack to hare!

An old Bugbear of mine...

Or rather six of the big buggers!

I've had these irascible chaps in my collection for a while yet but no clear idea as to what I might do with them, other than a little dungeoneering perhaps. They will no doubt be appearing down some murky tunnels some time in the future, however, I was rather pleased that they'd fit right in on a Journey to the East with my Hobgoblins.

The Mighty Throgg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Darklands

My Hobgoblin army has been receiving some attention in preparation for BOYL 2015 and it's all about monopose loveliness this morning with Throgg's Despoiling Hobgoblins - not sure how you can despoil the Darklands as they're already in a pretty parlous state but there you go...