Friday 6 September 2019

BOYL 2020: The Battle of Trolltooth Pass

Well I swore I wouldn't let post BOYL slump get me this year but here we are a month on! Ah well - off work today with a stinking cold so seems a good opportunity to keep myself busy.

So another year and another BOYL and this year was a big one! As always the weekend was fantastic, jam-packed with brilliant games, great company, plenty of beer and not much sleep! Thanks so much to all who were involved in making it happen and everyone who attended and made it such a great place to be. If you haven't seen these blogs yet and you'd like a taste of what else went on at BOYL these fine chaps have done a fine job of rounding up what went on - Sean's Wargames Corner, Mr Saturday's Mumblings, Blue's Marauding Miniatures, Give Em Lead, Lead Plague, Realms of Chaos, Dear Tony Blair, Magpie and Old Lead, Riotville, Shadowkings ,. Great to see so much blogging going on! For me, the best thing about BOYL this year was meeting some very familiar online faces in the flesh - lovely to finally meet, chat and game with you all! This year also marked a particular milestone for myself and Warlord Paul as we reached the climatic final battle of our long running Trolltooth Wars campaign - the Battle of Trolltooth Pass...