Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lovin' that ass...

Or should I say mule...

These fellas should come in handy for Borinn's gold heist in the Ashak Rise scenario. As the Orcs move in the Dwarf's' only option is to run with their stolen gold (short legs not withstanding). As they've packed their sacks full of gold they are a little heavy - but not for a mule. They'll have to watch out though - rolling a 1 or 2 when moving the laden mules results in grumpy beast turning stubborn and refusing to move for a whole game turn!

Here's the gang fleeing with their ill-gotten gains whilst trying to fend off Grashak Kra and his slavering hobhounds!


  1. You know, I was worried the other day when I won a few bids that means I had a few doubles of pack mules. But seeing this, cheered me up!
    Lovely as usual mate!

  2. Cheers Dave - can't have too many mules - already got a few scenarios in mind for escorting valuable supplies through orc infested territory for life after Orc's Drift!