Thursday 31 May 2012

Why I need a new set of brushes...

... apart from the fact that I should probably take better care of them -

In my defense, they did take a bit of a beating over the ten weeks of the LPL.

A bit late in the day for the old LPL" look what I did" shot, but I have my suspicions that my 2 year daughter has "tidied" my camera up somewhere - been looking for it for a couple of weeks now. As the poor old minis have been sat on the table, posed and ready to go for a similar amount of time, I felt I owed it to them to sort it out. Finally got round to borrowing a camera from work - hence the pics in this and the last post I've put up.

Hopefully I might find it in the next few days as I have a week off work and plan to photograph and post the final installment of Orc's Drift...

Fimir very much...

Before any of you get excited - I haven't got my hands on any vintage fimir, much as I'd like to...

Oh and the post title only works if you say it in a really bad Elvis impression!

Instead I'll leave such Demon-worshipping shenanigans to a certain Mr Saturday who, if you haven't been aware of his excellent work, has been raising an army of the evil cyclopeans through some brilliant modelling and conversion work.

You can gaze in wonderment here -

Anyway this post is by way of a big thankyou to Mr Saturday for the extrememly kind gesture of donating this fine Slann warrior to my Lustrian project - can you think of a more selfless act a retro-citadel leadhead could perform?!

So by way of saying thanks I thought I'd shamelessly steal the lovely colour scheme he has conjured up for his Fimir and use it to create a little tribute here.

Thankyou Mr Saturday - I definitely owe you one!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Red in Tooth and Mandible...

Some beastly additions to populate the seething jungles of Lustria for you this evening and some old Citadel greats, seamlessly blended with Otherworld's finest -

Awards, memes and common obsessions...

Firstly, many thanks to Endakil for his most kind and flattering nomination of a Liebster Award for my blog - very much appreciated I assure you. However, I'm struggling a bit with the stipulations it comes
with - namely to link back and forth to various other favourite blogs of mine.

My problem - I can't choose! I should also say, at the risk of sounding like a churlish ingrate that I'm not mad keen on the whole chain letter aspect of the award and wouldn't want to pass it on to anyone else who'd have similar difficulties.

I did go through my reading list in a vain attempt at picking out some favourites before I gave it up as a hopeless task and this got me thinking about a few things. Well one in particular actually, which is the number of like-minded souls taking to blogosphere and documenting their own obsessions with Citadel miniatures of a certain vintage and certain editions of Warhammer. I'll not list them all here as they should appear on my blog list - let me know if there's any glaring omissions!

Its most encouraging to see the rot spreading in this manner - inspiration and nostalgia galore! Also having signed up for a place in Erny's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, The Enemy Within, and having enjoyed reading the reports of game conducted over the web at Gaj's site, Warhammer for Adults, I might even go as far as saying it feels like there's a little online community brewing...

And while I'm busy getting all dewy-eyed over the Oldhammer-based bonhomie around here, I'd best raise a glass to all the none GWA members (Games Workshop Anonymous) whose blogs I enjoy reading - thankyou for showing us there is life after Citadel! ;)

Finally, and as there's no pics on this post, I had to jump on the old "Your blog as an 80's fantasy Zine" bandwagon, started by Coopdevil on his great blog Fighting Fantasist.

 I'm being a bit of a charlatan here mind, as I never bought one of these things at the time - nearest I got was going down to the newsagents for my copy of White Dwarf!

Anyhow, really liked the images everyone else has come up with so thought  I'd have a go to...