Friday 30 October 2009

Ooh aah a little bit more...

After lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention some excellent advice on how to achieve a shiny black pvc style effect (ta very much to all those who contributed!) I've finished the rest of the supposedly diminutive ones. Having turned them all sorts of shades of grey in an effort to get the right highlights I washed the lot in a mix of black paint, ink and water. Quite chuffed with the effect as they actually look black now and the highlights still show through - just waiting for some varnish now to get them real shiny!

Heres some piccies anyway - I'm sure they never really indulged in close combat but I couldn't let two mortal enemies lie!

And the rest of the squad -

Damn now I have to paint German Paratroopers - I may be some time!

Blobular Fever

Another fantastic mini from Black Tree Designs - the Rutan - enough to strike terror into the heart of... well nevermind. I do actually really like this mini for some reason - very 50s B movie, even if the colour scheme was inspired in part by my current cold! Thought I'd go for a Horror of Fang Rock vibe with the piccies, although this little fella is intended as the quarry for a Sontaran man/blob hunt in a WW2 Eastern Front scenario...

Ooh aah, just a little bit...

Seems like I've been away a while - anyway the Sontarans finally came from BTD - hooray! However, now I've got to paint them, the Rutan and the 40 or so WW2 Russians and Fallschirmjagers... might have come up with a scenario for them by the time I've finished! The thought of German WW2 splinter pattern camouflage made me begin to twitch a bit so I thought I'd ease myself in gently with a Sontaran trooper - now I've figured out what I'm doing with him I'll have the four other troopers, the Heavy Weapons trooper, Field Major and thee SSSS troopers done in a jiffy!