Sunday, 21 August 2016

To BOYL 2017! And Beyond!

It certainly seems that not only is BOYL an amazing weekend and the highlight of my gaming year - not to mention catching up with a fine bunch of like minded fellows - but it also sets the agenda for my year's painting and modelling

Thought I'd best get a post together detailing my plans for the year ahead since there's already been quite the flurry of activity around organising games for next year's BOYL. If nothing else it'll serve as a reminder for me so I don't double book myself or forget any of them! 

Good job it does such a good job of motivating me with the prospect of all the cool games I need to prepare for!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Fleets in Spaaace!

The last game I ran at BOYL 2016 is a game I have been hankering after for a long time. I vaguely recall an old childhood friend getting a copy, but like his Advanced Heroquest set, we never played it much if it all. I fear his acquisition of it unfortunately coincided with our discovery of beer...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Raising Hell!

More BOYL reminiscing! The Saturday was a busy one for epic gaming and the afternoon saw me and Steve Casey facing off against each other with 3000 points of tanks and infantry and 3000 points of Titans and a fist full of rules in the form of Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine 1st edition.

The battle lines were drawn with my Space Wolves (also featured here in close up) and Fire Wasp Titans advancing on Steve's Death Guard Marines and brilliantly converted Nurgle Titans. Setting up was the easy bit - the tricky bit was getting our heads around the rules spread over several books and White Dwarfs! The basic set up was that the forces of the Imperium were rushing to stop the despicable rituals being performed in a desecrated Imperial cathedral and prevent the summoning of whatever Daemonic monstrosity heeded the cultists cries. Steve's Nurgle forces were intent on allowing the summoning to take place by holding off the attacking Space Wolves...

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Robot Jox

As Bring Out Your Lead 2016  is slowly fading into warm fuzzy memories I figured I'd best contribute to the glut of posts celebrating this paragon of old school gaming!

I didn't have anything arranged for the Friday so spent the afternoon happily mooching about, chatting and checking out the other games in progress - not something I've had time to do in the past.

Saturday morning saw the weekend really kick off and my contribution was a participation game of Adeptus Titanicus - Many thanks to Mike and Nik who joined me. Worthy opponents both!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Clash of the Titans

Well hello dear readers and apologies for the long bout of radio silence! A mixture of enjoying country life...

 ... getting stuck in to a new job (albeit on a short term casual basis) ...

... and generally being completely knackered of an evening has meant that it's been a bit quiet round here.

However, I have not been entirely idle! I've managed to get down to meet up at least once a month with my old gaming group consisting of various old salts up and down the M1 between York and Nottingham - far too good a bunch to lose regular gaming contact with. There is therefore a bit of a backlog of games and pics to share of the games I've been playing which have included such curiousities as Space Fleet and Adeptus Titanicus as well as old stalwarts like Rogue Trader.

It is the speed with which Bring Out Your Lead 2016 is approaching that prompts this post and as I'm running a game of Adeptus Titanicus on the Saturday (and may be persuaded to play the odd game on the Friday afternoon unless I get a better offer!) I thought I'd best prove that I'm both alive and have played the game at least once to check that it all works!

My combined Traitor force of Fire Lords Warlord Titans and Warlords and Warhounds of the Deaths Heads Legion.

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Crater Good

One of the big things for me that really makes wargaming enjoyable is the terrain on the table top. Not only does it add to the whole spectacle but it often enhances game play and adds new tactical dimensions. In fact the whole narrative of a game can centre on a particularly important piece of terrain and the desperate struggles to control it.

Now most of my terrain is geared to Warhammer Fantasy as that is what I've played most of over the years. Happily much of it has been usable in Rogue Trader games as well - I still plan on playing an RT Siege game one day with Imperial Army units assaulting the Mighty Fortress, defended by feral and Space Orks!

Epic poses a slight problem in that you have to create a new set of scenery to cater for the much smaller scale. I've got by in the past with just plonking down the card buildings on my grass mat and getting on with it but that's always bugged me a bit - where are the streets and roads that make the presence of massive gothic sky scrapers on a grassy plain believable?

A new step forward in Green Belt development - road-less High Rise accommodation!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Prima Incubatoria

The secrets of Titan construction are shrouded in the mists of time. There are even those who believe that they were not manufactured; that these monstrous machines are the Emperor's very will, manifested in cold plasteel and adamantium. That these ancient machines blaze with a machine life of their own is well known amongst the Adeptus Mechanicus. Indeed each Princeps' first challenge is to attempt to master the fierce spirit of his Titan, lest he be consumed and the machine run wild.

Though the knowledge of their forging is lost and though many and varied are the rituals and incantations involved in preparing a Titan for battle, fret not dear reader. I have anointed myself with the sacred unguents, lit the incense and chanted the litany of awakening, More to the point I have solved the complex mathematical algorithms involved in working out points values for different Titan builds according to the Codex Titanicus!

Many Grox were sacrificed to bring you this post.