Saturday, 12 June 2010

Any, any, any old iron...

Got another skellington done in between jobs.

Thought I'd go for a rusted, bashed up look for their armour - as if they've been reanimated from an old battlefield where they've been lying mouldering - armour and all!

Might have a go at one of the horsemen next when I get sick of green sick...


  1. Love it! What did you use for your rust effects?

  2. Cheers Stacey!
    I used a quite watery mix of Vallejo leather brown and orange fire - about 50/50 of each. I dotted that around all the recess and rivets where water might collect and make the metal go rusty. After that I put smaller dots of pure brown ink where I thought the rust might be thicker - right in recesses and along ridges. Went back and reapplied a little vallejo gunmetal to stop him looking like a celeb fresh from the sunlounger and added a few scrapes in silver - again where they might logically appear. Finally gave the whole thing a watered down ink wash to tie all the colours together and bring any detail back out that might have got a bit lost.