Wednesday 22 April 2015

Adventure Time!

This is no doubt old news (just checked and season 1 aired back in 2010!) to some of you, but I was recently introduced to my new favourite show a few weeks ago via the spurious delights of Saturday Morning kids TV.

Adventure Time!

There's a ton of stuff to like but it was the D&D references that first caught my eye - just check this episode out! Displacer cats, mimics and other Dungeon nasties.

The setting is a bizarre and post apocalyptic one - the magical kingdom of Oooo, which seems to be what the Earth(?) has become after the "Mushroom War".

Finn is a 12 year old Human who wants to become the best adventurer in the land and Jake, his faithful companion, is an awesome magical dog who can grow, shrink and party with the best of them - and he's voiced by John DiMaggio - also the voice of Bender in Futurama.

Adventure Time is now essential viewing for me and the boy, much to the wife's annoyance - not sure it appeals to her sensibilities!

The possibility of gaming Adventure Time had also occurred to me - how cool is this!

Rise from your Grave!

Agh - the dreaded "I'm still alive" post.

Certainly wouldn't have expected to be posting one of these considering how this year kicked off in terms of gaming - two that I played back in January with Ollie and Warlord Paul, another game of 3rd ed between my Goblins and Ollie's Ral Partha Wood Elves and a fourth (one of Warlord Paul's expertly GM'ed affairs) down at Slayer Gaming, which I missed thanks to a bout of flu.

Sadly I have no photos of the 3rd ed skirmish Paul GM'ed for me and Ollie - a little spat between a very underpowered Empire patrol and a Khorne warband on the up. Suffice it to say that my Druid was not able to sanctify the corrupted shrine that the chaotics had desecrated and the ill-prepared militia sent to accompany him were never seen again...

I'll have to pinch some of Warlord Paul's pics of the excellent table he set up for us for the game of Future War Commander he was introducing us to as an alternative to the Epic rules.

Paul was able to join us on this one for a three way fight between his Eldar, my Imperials and Ollie's Tau.

Definitely sold on Future War Commander and I'm looking forward to playing it again. That being said, I must get round to playing Bombshell Games, OP4S at some point...

Happily my Imperials managed to capture and hold enough objectives to give me a close win!

Me and Ollie had a great splurge of a game at my place - Undead V. Wood Elves. The Undead objective was to get their Elven prisoners to the ruined temple and perform unholy and unspeakable rites upon them in order to summon great necromantic powers. The Elves, of course, had to stop them.

There were many titanic clashes between mighty foes -

Giant Cyclops went Mushroom picking...

Zombie Dragon V. Earth Elemental

Giant Cyclops gets his comeuppance from an Air Elemental

Tree crushes Spider!

The Elves fought well and staved the Undead horde off in the centre.

Despite a last charge by the Undead cavalry and the collapse of the left flank, the Elves succeeded in preventing the desecration of their shrine.

There were also many terrible pun names and other entertaining moments - sadly now lost to the mists of time.

The other game that I have photos for was The Hunt for the Red Ok Tuber. Cleverly I had used the name of the scenario to label the folder I saved the photos into so that I wouldn't forget it. the basic premise of this game was that my Goblin Shaman, Shorn Scunnery, was on the look out for a certain root that had magical properties necessary for his latest hair loss remedy. That root was the legendary and extremely rare Red Ok Tuber. Unfortunately for him the only place to find it is in the glades of the Wood Elves...

A familiar sight by now - droves of goblinoids fleeing from a Treeman!

Wolfriders pick on someone their own size for once.

Yay - I finally get to use my fanatics!

Those Elves don't like it up 'em!

The climax of the battle came when the Elf general - a Centaur Sorceress charges Shorn Scunnery himself.

Hungry Trolls!

The wily Goblin escapes his adversary with a flight spell which lands him right in the woods and in the vicinity of the Red Ok Tuber!

This was a particularly satisfying ending as the Elves were doing a good job of keeping the Gobbo's away from the woods and I was randomly rolling up Shorn Scunnery's spell each turn to simulate his erratic grasp on reality - the flight spell was a very nice surprise indeed!

So that's it for the roundup of what I've been up to. There has been some painting done in preparation for the first Trolltooth Wars game with Warlord Paul, which sounds like it may be taking place at BOYL 2015. Other than that, I was momentarily distracted by the arrival of most of the rest of the Martian Front kickstarter stuff and was transported back to those happy, polystyrene cement infused days of my youth spent assembling airfix kits - it's been a while since I've assembled any plastic kits and I had great fun putting together steam tanks and Martian tripods.

Apologies for the break in service but as you may have guessed, real life has been getting in the way. No big dramas to report happily, however I have been rather busy. The wife is due to graduate as a Midwife later this year and we are hoping to combine this happy occasion with a house move to more rural environs, hopefully somewhere up in Cumbria/Westmorland. This also provides me with a good opportunity to escape from my day job as a full time teacher, although I'm sure some part time work as a supply teacher is going to be necessary until we find our feet.

Consequently there has been much redecorating and painting of walls (and packing away most of my minis and hobby stuff) not to mention the online house hunting. I've still got some wall papering to do and a load of doors to paint but the end is in sight. Then we can start with the real fun of putting the house on the market and renegotiating a new mortgage...

Now that I've got my head around most of the big stuff, it's definitely about high time I got back into the hobby - there's a load of stuff I want to get ready for BOYL 2015, including a mad Goblin ship for some Warhammer Ahoy action, a Hobgoblin army and the slow burn Trolltooth project me and Warlord Paul have been working on for some time now so watch this space!