Tuesday 28 October 2014

Machineries of Destruction

Ahh Machineries of Destruction!

If da Boyz are the main stay of a Warlord's horde then these infernal contraptions are the Big Guns!

Monday 27 October 2014


Of course not all Boyz can master the intricacies of such modern technologies as the Cleaver or Chain Mail. In fact some Orcs take it upon themselves to shun such newfangled gear.

For them it is a simpler world of being at one with the past, communing with nature... and then killing it in a berserk rage! Yep it's the Savage Orcs!

Orctober - Da Boyz

Yikes - Orctober is almost over and I haven't posted half of what I planned!

To make amends let me bring you all back to where it counts in terms of Orciness - da Boyz!

Where would any famous Chieftain be now if it weren't for the humble, salt of the earth, common or garden Orc. Faceless hordes of blood-crazed maniacs don't happen all by themselves you know and every horde has to start some place.

Thursday 2 October 2014

A Work of Orc

Happy Orctober one and all!

I'm sure you're aware Erny has launched Orctober once more and there has already been a plethora of Orcy articles on numerous blogs.