Friday 29 March 2013

Pre-Match Build Up...

The Big Game is almost upon us...

Forget the Europa Football league (Big girlies that lot!) 

Two titans of the deranged world of Blood Bowl stand poised to clash in an epic struggle this evening. 

Vile and depraved - the Wasteland Wanderers, Naggarond's finest hope to seize the day... and as many body parts of the opposition as trophies! 

Standing against them are the Golden Boars, shining examples of the thuggery and brutishness so beloved of the fans. 

 Rumour has it that the services of Star Players, Griff Oberwald and the Mighty Zug have been secured by the Boars. 

Not content to be outdone the Wanderers have hired the feared Assassin, Harkon Heartripper (left) and Star Player, Hubris Rakarth (right).

 So the scene is set but the die yet to be cast. Who will win? Who will survive? Who will be able to eat an entire Big Moot Sandwich?

Edit - I'd hoped to post this earlier this afternoon but an influx of in-laws put paid to that idea. My good friend Ollie, of The Second Founding has been round and we've got the first 7 turns played. I'm not going to give any half time scores away as we have a load of notes and pictures to to sort out and get a match report sorted somehow between us.

Suffice to say, however, blood has been spilled, rocks and abuse hurled and much beer consumed!

Monday 18 March 2013

To LPL or not to LPL...

That is the question!

So its that time of year again where the good folk over on the LAF get their annual painting competition, the Lead Painters League, going again. Big thanks to LAF'er, Overlord for stepping in to the breach as an organiser this year - its a big job!

Entry is limited to 50 competitors again this year, mainly because of the logistics of handling that many submissions each week. I guess it'll be a first come, first served basis again so fingers crossed...

Its a great competition with the LAF's finest on show each year - the range of creativity and painting excellence always amazes me. Have a look at previous year's entries and you'll see what I mean! Oh and you may get to see other Oldhammer stalwarts like Blue in VT and Phreedh who are also renowned LPL veterans.

Anyway, back to my question - do I enter or not? The pros are clear - tons of painted minis at the end of the 10 weeks of the competition, along with the sense of achievement that would bring and the enjoyment of being part of such a great competition.

Here's what I got done last year -



As you can see - not a bad way of getting going with my Lustria project, whilst dabbling with a few other scales and painting some minis I'd been itching to for ages!

And the year before...



The cons are slight in comparison - brushes worn threadbare through overuse, insomnia as entry deadlines loom and the sheer relentless pace of ensuring a team of at least five minis (and sometimes two teams to qualify for bonus points!) is ready each week.

Hmmm I think I may have talked myself into it!

Sunday 17 March 2013

Onlinehammer! The Battle of Plank Street...

As some of you may already have seen from Erny and Warlord Paul's posts, we had a fantastic game of WFB3 on Friday night - online!

Firstly, huge thanks must go to Erny for all his hard work and genius in setting the whole thing - in particular photographing his minis from above to create the virtual playing pieces! We used Roll20 to play the game which worked brilliantly on the main part. Next time me and Warlord Paul could do with sorting out our microphones so we can all chat instead of poor old Erny talking away while we furiously typed our questions, taunts and went off on lengthy, non-game related tangents!

The game played out much as it would have done on the table - we stated what we wanted each unit to do, rolled dice on the dice log, measured distances and forgot rules. Wheels and turning units is a bit tricky at the moment but not a problem between easy going players. In fact there's nothing to stop you lot setting your own games up once you've registered with D20. Perhaps one day online games at the weekends will be a real way of us Oldhammerers playing together on a regular basis...

As Erny intended, we certainly felt like we were round at "his place" - the beer (and cidre) flowed in ample amounts, snacks were consumed and much banter and chat took place. In fact we were so successful in creating that club atmosphere that the game lay forgotten on a couple of occasions as we pontificated on various subjects! Nor did we finish the game after four hours of play - a good excuse to get together again and continue the fun.

As Paul mentioned on his blog, such was our excitement and child-like joy that many of the key rules went out the window - mainly animosity and stupidity! However, even though my poor Dwarves suffered grievously in the face of such an unnaturally well co-ordinated Goblinoid assault, we were having so much fun it mattered not. Actually, I was rather taken with the tale of Chester and Julian - the Trolls with aspirations of higher education!

And the story so far? Here's the Dwarves' perspective...

King Cnut Axe Cleaver proudly surveyed his troops. To his left ranged the elite Longbeard unit, the Full Borowski's, led by Gunter Barrel Lover, and to his right the unhinged Troll Slayers of the Ginger Nuts gnashed their terrible teeth and flashed their terrible beards. Behind him, the faithful warriors of his own unit, the Angry Growlers, were working themselves up into their highly vocal battle rage.

He had deployed this doughty column of warriors in the small valley of Landinstrip, which lay to the South of Plank Street - the road that ran between his Royal seat at Axwoon'd and the Cooperage they had set up nearer to the Lonely oak woods. The Goblinoid raiders were bound to spread themselves out in an unorganised mass and Cnut looked forward to destroying them in detail while the usual squabbles and petty arguments disrupted their battle lines.  

To protect their right flank Cnut had sent his two units of Crossbowmen and the Bolt Thrower, Bjork the Wailer, to take up position atop the the gentle rise of Firry Mound - although why the hillock had been named thus was a mystery as the area was predominately covered in deciduous trees...? Whatever the etymology of the hill's name, it would provide a commanding view of the approaches from the road - any Greenskin scum attempting a flank attack would have to do so in the teeth of the combined firepower of the Crossbowmen and the War Machine.

Yes, Cnut was feeling pretty pleased with himself - all he needed was some Orcs to kill. And here they came! Yet something was wrong. They seemed... well disciplined, purposeful. Organised! Well Dwarven steel would soon put paid to that Cnut thought. 

The air hummed with the passage of a multitude of quarrels and the ranks of one of the units of Orc archers wavered. The impact of one of Bjork's great spears transfixing two of the foul creatures tipped the balance and sent them fleeing! Things were looking up and Cnut encouraged his brave warriors to greater inventiveness in the invectives they were hurling at the oncoming horde.

Despite this brief setback, the Greenskins kept on coming. A seed of doubt entered the Dwarf King's mind - what if they are organised? What sorcery could be strong enough...What was this Tim Mee Tay Lorrr they kept shouting about?  These and other questions whirled through Cnut's head in the brief moments before the entire Goblinoid battle line crashed into his!

All about him pandemonium reined - the Longbeards were forced back, the Troll Slayers seemed to be asking the Trolls to slay them and the Crossbowmen could no longer be seen beyond the leaping figures of Goblins that swarmed over the hill. Was this how it was to end? Had the Dwarve's worst fear of a well co-ordinated and disciplined Orc horde come about? How had the usual tribal differences been laid aside - what was uniting them? Was this the end of all goodly things? 

Cnut shook his head to rid himself of his uncharacteristic confusion and consternation. Think of the ale man, he scolded himself. If the Orcs were to win here then the cooperage would be theirs and they had no more idea about barrel making than they did about brewing - bloody heathens. Worse still - they might raid the grain stores, burn the hops and begin making their own foul and fizzy brews - Pisslen and Laaggghhhhh 'urr...

There was no way that shit was going to be brewed in Awoon'd...

Goblin Quest

Righty-ho - another post that has been languishing in the backlog.

Last weekend I managed to entice my lad into another game of Rab's fantastic Goblin Quest. Well, it didn't take much enticing actually! So with Dave King's excellent dungeon tiles prepped and ready, a handful of gold coins nicked from Star Wars Monopoly and a veritable cornucopia of dice types the scene was set for the adventurers to brave the terrors of the Dungeon...

Like Erny and his young 'un, we soon ditched the D4 movement and went with the option of moving up to 4 squares to speed up the exploration - and the killing of Goblins! I based the dungeon loosle on the sample map Rab also posted - my lad soon got wise to this and surreptitiously wandered round the table a few times to take a sneaky peak at what might be lurking ahead!

The initial Goblin sentries were no match for Sir Harry of Harkness and his two retainers, although the poor chap who was armed with the crossbow didn't fare so well. A combination of pushing him too far ahead to count on the support of his comrades and not being able to get many shots off before being mobbed by Gobbo's saw him grievously wounded!

My lad was a bit young to take these tactical considerations, and the Spear man's ability to attack diagonally,  into consideration. He was more concerned with matters like "Get the treasure" or "kill the Goblin!", which is fine by me for a four year old!

He was a bit worried by the troll that was guarding the first of several treasure chests and teamwork soon became a necessity.

The Troll was dispatched with some lucky dice rolls - Rab, my lad seemed to be similarly blessed with high rolls on his D20 up to this point too!

As you can see, Sir Harry's arch-nemesis arrived at this point and to stop his sister pinching the treasure chests and generally causing all kinds of mayhem, she took over the dice rolling for the baddies.

First up was the Giant Spider that awaited the adventurers in the next room...

Despite advice from his Dad, the impetuous knight sent in his gravely wounded Crossbowmen first to investigate...

... and soon found himself avenging the death of the loyal (and somewhat abused!) Retainer!

I gave the spider the same stats as the troll, but added in an additional rule. If the highest number was rolled on whatever dice the spider was using for its combat roll then the it could make a web attack which froze its attacker for a turn. Models that were attacked whilst caught in a web could only use a D4 to defend themselves. Other models could free webbed models by beating them in a combat roll - again using a D4 for the trapped model.

The Spearman suffered this fate and received a nasty bite before sir Harry could rescue him by vanquishing the spider - not without some injury to himself as well...

And yet the heroes' challenge wasn't over. Guttural shouts and pounding footsteps signalled the arrival of several Orc guards, attracted by the sounds of the struggle. Enraged by the death of their "pet" they race to attack.

It was here I began to suspect that my boy didn't have a well developed sense of his own mortality! With a badly wounded Retainer and slightly limping Knight he charged the burly Orcs. Two of the foul creatures fell, but not before killing the Spearman and further wounding the Knight...

I decided to give the young adventurer a way out - not that he seemed to worried about his imminent demise or the disappearance of his earlier luck with the dice. I also made another rule up - Sorry Rab! With things looking grim, I suggested that brave sir Harry might like to bravely run away and that I would let him roll a D6 to see how far he sprinted - the Orcs would of course pursue on the same basis...

His luck held out for a couple of turns as he outpaced the Orcs but slowly they gained on him and finally brought him to bay after some dismal rolling on his part.

With a lot of ground to cover to get to the safety of the exit and not many dice left to stave off the Orcs it seemed as if the adventure would come to a grisly end. Desperate measures were needed if the Knight were to survive to fight another day so I suggested that all the gold he was lugging about might be slowing him down. Were he to drop the treasure chest he had liberated from the Troll, not only would he be able to go faster but the Orcs would no doubt stop their pursuit to grab the ditched treasure.

Happy with this option, sir Harry duly jettisoned his treasure (with only a few grumbles about only having a few coins left) and ran to the safety and fresh air of the exit.

So feedback then - Everyone enjoyed the game so top marks there! I also rather liked the way the rules, character and item cards are presented - nice one!

We ditched the random movement and went with a movement allowance of up to the highest score possible on the character's/monster's movement dice.

The baddies seemed balanced enough although lots of lucky high rolls saw the Goblins dispatched with ease and the Troll was similarly unlucky!

The Orcs were fun to use and I liked the special Vicious rule they have of adding 1 to their combat score if they roll an odd number. Multiple combats worked well and there were a few free strikes as cowardly Goblins tried to run away!

The Crossbowman didn't seem to fare too well - mainly because of the way he was sent first into many of the rooms and didn't get a chance to fire before being mobbed!

Finally I wonder if there is a way of the hero recouping dice lost from the combat track somehow? Perhaps seeding the dungeon with a few magic potions? I seem to remember something like this being mentioned a while back on Rab's fine blog?

Anyway, well done Rab -  a most enjoyable game!

Saturday 16 March 2013

Heroes in a Half Shell

Right another WIP here - having finished my Blood Bowl team (still got the pitch to do) I thought I'd wrap up a few more loose ends before plunging into preparations for the Oldhammer Weekend in the summer.

I got into a great discussion on the LAF about using Eureka's Turtle Tank with Four A's fantastic Goblins. Huge thanks to fellow LAF'er Scurv for sorting me out with said Turtle, minus the Turtle warrior crew and at a very reasonable price too.

On a more personal note I also need to thank Scurv for very kindly taking my brother and his mate, who are taking a year out travelling round Australia at the moment, under his wing, providing accomodation and other assistance and some excellent nights out I gather! If you're reading this and ever find yourself in the UK as far North as York I'd be happy to repay the favour.

Anyhow - here's a few shots of the Turtle Tank and its new owners -

Mayhem: Red Runs the River...

Long time no update so firstly apologies for that - insert usual excuses about family, life, work, sleep, etc... Frustratingly I've been trying to get this final report finished for about a week and a half now!

I'd best also take the time before plunging into the last desperate moments of the Battle of Harrison's Ford to add that Mayhem is actually a very quick, intuitive and exciting game to play!

Turn 8
Von Damne's Dependables
CP's rolled - 7

A ripple of fear radiated out amongst the red and green ranks of the ford's defenders. Bluch Norres had fallen.

That was impossible. Norres' reputation was terrifying to friend and foe alike. He was the only man capable of punching a cyclops between the eyes. It was said of him that he did not fear the dark - the dark feared him. Now the unthinkable had happened and a great hero had truly passed into legend...

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Bring Out Your Lead!


Oldhammer - Bring Out Your Lead! (2013)

The Oldhammer community are pleased to officially announce Oldhammer - Bring Out Your Lead! (2013). Of course, you've heard about it already. But this is the official announcement, so now you can officially start panicking about how long it will take to grow a mullet.

We are also extremely pleased with and grateful to our hosts - Foundry Miniatures in Nottingham. The event is taking place over the weekend of the 31/08/2013 - 01/09/2013.

So, first things first: This is a gaming event. The entire idea and surely the primary purpose for attending is to play games.

BUT - it is NOT a tournament. Nothing can be won. Your victory over your opponent is purely moral and for retelling in a pub later. There are no ladders, no leagues, no recognition of your amazing army building talents and keen interpretation of the rules. THIS IS NOT A TOURNAMENT!

Which makes things a little harder to organise. In a traditional tournament, the organisers would set a points limit, army restrictions and painting guidelines in order to ensure that everyone has a fair chance. There is no need to worry about who matches who, as once the first game is completed, better players will be faced off against better players and the whole thing is supposedly fair.

Because it's NOT A TOURNAMENT, we can't do any of that.

This means we need your help. In order to understand the numbers attending, we have a booking form. BUT, because it's NOT A TOURNAMENT, the organisers will not allocate you an opponent on the day. Read this as the organisers do not guarantee you a game.

You, aspiring gamer, CAN ensure a game, however, by following up your booking with an entry on the BLOOD Forum Looking For Game thread. In this forum, you will be able to tell others what you're planning to bring, how many points/figures you plan to field and what sort of game you want to play.

You are still welcome to simply turn up at Foundry with your army and no booking, but if there is more demand than supply, preference will be given to those who are registered.

How much is this gonna cost me?

Entry to the event is free. Our generous hosts, Foundry Miniatures, are not charging us for the venue, and as it's NOT A TOURNAMENT, we're not offering any prizes.

Of course, you still have other costs to consider - if you're travelling a long way, you might need a place to stay overnight. You will need to get there. And, of course, you'll probably want to get an army ready. Start saving now!

Where and when is this all happening?

The even takes place over the weekend of the  31/08/2013 - 01/09/2013 at The Wargames Foundry:

View Larger Map

Saturday (31/08/2013) from 10:00 until 20:00.
Sunday (01/09/2013) from 10:00 until 17:00.

Foundry's Address:

Foundry Miniatures Ltd
24-34 St marks Street,
Nottingham NG3 1DE
United Kingdom.
+44 (0)115 8413000

Please feel free to call Foundry if you have any questions on how to get there or where to park, etc.

We do ask that you arrive on time, as you will need to factor in finding your game, meeting your opponent, unpacking and packing of figures and copious amounts of pointing at things and going "Wow! Is that (delete as appropriate) [your amazing paint job / that ultra rare figure I've never seen in real life before / really your sister*]?

*Okay, probably not that last one. 

Foundry? They're in Nottingham! That's miles away!

Yes, it is. As mentioned above - they have offered their facility free of charge. They have the space, the tables and the interest in the hobby and so stand head and shoulders above any other option we've considered to date.

To be clear, we have no official relationship with Foundry - they've offered because they have an interest in what we're trying to achieve and they've offered us the facility as a result.

Also, they have provided a list of suitable accommodation for travellers. These are just suggestions - neither the organisers nor Foundry benefit from these suggestions or are accountable for the quality of the establishment you select.

That's awful nice of them!

Yes, it is. So lets talk about Foundry. Perhaps you've heard of Bryan Ansell? No? Once upon a time, he ran Games Workshop. Take a look at your Warhammer 3rd Edition books - that's right, he co-authored some of them. Marcus (Bryan's son, following in the family footsteps) runs Wargames Foundry. They have a clear 'spiritual' connection to the Oldhammer movement.

We mention this because we ask that the Oldhammer community respect the facility and the effort that Foundry (and the Ansell family) have gone through to host this. When you're on site, please don't litter, or break things, or steal, or do anything that would bring the Oldhammer community into disrepute. We would dearly love to be invited back to the Foundry. Keep this in mind when you attend.

I remember reading about cream cakes somewhere. Will there be cream cakes?


But - the Ansell family also conduct business in catering. As a result of this remarkable good fortune, Foundry are able to offer hot food and are licensed to sell alcohol. Of course, you'll have to pay for this (expect typical pub rates), but you won't need to go out onto the mean streets of Nottingham in search of lunch. 

A note of warning: if you are unable to handle your alcohol, you will be ejected from the event immediately! The idea here is to fulfil every gamers fantasy of playing cool games whilst having a pint -  not to lose your temper and get involved in a fist fight. 

I've heard there's some sort of Realms of Chaos Open Table game. What the hell is that?

More details on the Realms of Chaos Open Table game can be found over at Realm of Chaos 80s.

And the Rogue Trader Open Table game?

More details on the Rogue Trader Open Table can be found over at Fighting Fantasist

Tell me about the participation events?

The participation events are showcase games, where the figures will be provided and players will be able to just 'jump' into a command and play. The form has options for the participation games simply so that we know how many people are interested. The actual 'bookings' for the various scenarios and commands will be arranged on the day. 

There is no intended participant for these games - its as much an opportunity for an experienced wargamer to participate in as it is for someone with casual interest to 'have a go'. That said, if there is a lot of demand for these games, we will apply a 'one player, one scenario' limit in order to allow everyone to have a go. 

We are offering two scenarios:

Bloodbath at Orc's Drift. If you're interested in Oldhammer and you haven't seen Thantsants' superlative efforts with this 2nd edition scenario, either you need to go there right now, or you need to pack up your desk, check in your oldhammer badge at reception, and leave. 

Forenrond's Last Stand. The scenario in the back of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition rule book. If you haven't ever played this scenario with the photocopied cutouts in the back of the book, then you need to:

  • Stop what you're doing, get the copies immediately and fill in this heinous gap in your upbringing, or...
  • Register for this game, or...
  • Pack up your desk, check in your oldhammer badge at reception, and leave. 

What's the Golden Gobbo?

Full details of the Golden Gobbo have yet to be worked out, but this is a painting contest. This is a minor exception to the fact that this is NOT A TOURNAMENT. Andy Craig has offered to be the judge, so you'd better get started. 

The theme of the contest is The Spirit of the 80's. Any figure, from any range, from any era is eligible. It could be your own sculpt, a scratch build from a power ranger, a monster, a vehicle, a lone goblin. No restrictions - just in keeping with The Spirit of the 80's.

I need more lead! Can I get some there?

Yes you can! There will be a bring and buy stand where you can trade OOP figures. We would recommend a realistic pricing strategy, however - don't use the Buy It Now prices on eBay as a guide, because they're mostly wrong (and too high!). We would recommend trades over cash buying, but both will be allowed. Note that the bring and buy has nothing to do with Foundry Miniatures.

We do ask, out of respect to Foundry, that you don't trade or sell anything that is currently in production and available.

Did you know that Foundry Miniatures still produce figures from Citadel moulds from the 80's?

Foundry will have these, as well as the rest of their range - including many contemporary items from famed 'GW' sculptors (such as Kev Adams) on sale.

These are their ranges from the Citadel moulds - very relevant to the Imperial and Bretonnian armies:

Foundry also have other Perry sculpts which would fit in perfectly with your existing Citadel ranges:

What else do I need to know?

  • In case you missed it: this is NOT A TOURNAMENT!
  • The only unpainted figures we're expecting to see are those being traded. If you are playing a game, you must play with painted figures! You effectively have seven months from this announcement to get your figures ready. We acknowledge that there might be latecomers -  tough. Painted figures are a sign of respect to your opponent and to the community. 
  • Chances are, you're not as familiar with the old rules as you think you are. Take some time to read the rules before you arrive, but please allow for the fact many of the 'classic' rulesets are badly organised, badly written and sometimes just plain missing. You should expect that your game will involve lots of reading and discussion as you try to work out how to resolve whatever is happening. Don't panic - this is normal!
  • You may bring figures from any manufacturer and from any era. Although the Oldhammer movement is rooted in the 80's, we are interested in the spirit of Oldhammer, not the manufacture. You are as welcome bringing a heroic scale 28mm modern plastic army as you are bringing your soft lead pre-slotta army. 
  • There is a question on the form about scenery. Foundry have offered to supply some scenery, but if you are able to bring something, please do - every little bit helps. Where possible, we'll do our level best to ensure that scenery remains table specific - both to satisfy the aesthetic 'it all looks the same' perspective and to help ensure that your scenery is all in one place (for easy identification and care).
  • Ultimately, you are accountable for the fun you have. This event is a framework for you to create the ultimate oldhammer experience that you never had in your youth. We're trying to make it as flexible as possible, but we can't do that without your participation and effort. Let's be clear: you will have to do something for yourself before you arrive at Foundry this summer!
  • Neither the organisers nor Foundry Miniatures accepts any responsibility or liability for you. Although we've tried to make this as 'formal' as possible, it is absolutely an informal get together arranged by enthusiasts who have never arranged an event like this before. 

Okay, I'm in. What am I supposed to do again?

Oh - did we mention that this is NOT A TOURNAMENT? Good.


Tuesday 5 March 2013

Plugging the Gaps...

Some more unpainted lead today I'm afraid, but it is quite exciting unpainted lead!

As I'm slowly getting myself reacquainted with Orc's Drift again in preparation for our Oldhammer weekend at Foundry in the summer, my attention has turned back to the scenario character models that were released, and in particular those that have still evaded my grasp. I'm hoping to have as many of the original minis with which to play the scenarios at the event.

Happily two of the missing surfaced on ebay recently and I was lucky enough to nab them. Thanks in particular to fellow Oldhammerer, Steve, who's extensive stocks of old lead yielded up the Druid Snart - shame Mayor Leofwine teached the dizzy heights of £30 or so and escaped me! By the way, if you're into RoC or are preparing a warband for the event then check out the scans Steve has posted from WD104 on making mutants. 

The other fellow I've tracked down is King F'yar himself. sat astride his War Wyvern.

Having been the proud owner of the later Orc War Wyvern I never really tried that hard to procure F'yar - the War Wyvern is one of my favourite O&G minis (also one of the first I ever bought) and I was never that excited about the earlier Ackland sculpt of F'yar from what I had seen.

Mr Ackland, I take it all back! Having seen the mini up close I was pleasantly surprised to find that I love it! F'yar himself oozes character and the Wyvern was a fair bit bigger than I expected.

Although still a little diminutive compared to the later War Wyvern, I am now an Ackland convert and can't wait to get some paint slapped on.

So that leaves Mayor Leofwine, Osrim Chardz and Hagar Sheol to complete the scenario character - plus sundry villagers. 

Hmmm I think I know how Gaj feels about his Lichemaster project and the daunting financial task of tracking down the eponymous character from that scenario! 

Well we can only see what turns up, but I think its safe to say that I don't have the £200 or so that will probably be needed to purchase the last three characters - or be willing to part with that kind of cash for what is after all three (beautifully sculpted and desirable!) lumps of lead...

Monday 4 March 2013

The Beautiful Game...

... if you like a bit of depraved violence and complete anarchy!

Yes Sports Fans, welcome to the latest team, fresh in from the Darklands to start a new season - the Wasteland Wanderers!

You said it Bob! Well lets get right down to business. This bloodthirsty bunch are headed up by Star Linesman, Tuern Redvenom renowned for his low down dirty tricks and pathological hatred of pretty much all other living beings!

Yes Sirree Jim, that's one Elf with a whole lot of attitude! His team mates aren't much better. You don't want the ball if known assassin and ref-killer, Horkon Heartripper is on your tail...

You got that right Bob, he's a cold blooded killer alright, and the fans love him! Lets see about the rest of the team...

So I got my Dark Elf team finished and I'm quite happy with how they turned out - dark and evil with a splash of colour.

You may notice that I've recruited the old 1st ed(?) Dark Elf mini to be a Star Player and assassin from 3rd/4th ed. Tuern Redvenom may well become the star player, Hubris Rakarth, or at least use his stats. That's because these chaps will be facing off against the Golden Boars at the end of the month and we will be using the later rules set to play.

This means I'll be using these Catchers and Throwers as linemen -

... along wth these guys.

The kicker on the end will become a Runner - supported here by three Blitzers

Not forgetting the lovely ladies of the Wanderers own Cheerleading Troupe - the Wastrelles.

Also on the cards will be a Witch Elf or two, possibly an actual Assassin (Marauder minis) and a wizard - shown here in an earlier WIP photo.

Oh and I'd best paint up the old Astrogranite pitch too!