Sunday 14 July 2019

The Trolltooth Wars: A Mixed Bag!

Another unit ready and of all the regiments that make up Zharradan Marr's legions, as detailed in the Trolltooth Wars novel, the mixed regiment of Dwarves,  Goblins, Craggeracks, Kobolds and Gorians was probably the most fun to assemble and paint.

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Trolltooth Wars: Black Elf Regiment

Another Regiment musters under the banner of Zharradan Marr, ready to take the battle all the way to Balthus Dire's Citadel of Chaos perched high in the Craggen Heights of the Trolltooth Pass!

Monday 1 July 2019

The Trolltooth Wars: Rhinomen Complete!

Not sure I really have time for blogging with only a month to go till BOYL and a worryingly large paint queue to tackle but I had to post an update on my now complete Rhinoman regiment!