Sunday 19 January 2014

Our Dearest War and raidings...

Right a bit of Oldhammer this time!

Dawn of the Daleks

Well hello faithful readers and belated New Year's greetings to you all!

It's been a while (many apologies!) but I have finally risen from my hibernation.

The reason for my long absence - well the short answer would be work. The long answer would involve me blathering on about being depressed by the lack of balance between life and work, how much I hate my current job and what I would rather be doing with my life until the ripe old age of 72, when I might just be able to retire!

I'll stick with the short answer.

Anyhow, on to more pertinent matters - little men!

Not Oldhammer I'm afraid, although I do have a little something for my next post in that vein. Today I want to talk about Daleks.

There is a tenuous link to Oldhammer however. I really enjoyed (and failed miserably at taking decent pics or writing up a report) Warlord Paul's massive Floating Ziggurat of Mum Ho Thep game at BlogCon back in November. Afterwards myself, the Warlord and Lenihan (or Robotforaday as you may know him from his blog - Where the Sea Pours Out) retired to the hotel bar and, among other things, discussed doing a bit of Dr Who gaming for the New Year.

I must say I also thoroughly enjoyed GM'ing the Battle of No Bridge - a nice little skirmish admirably reported by Lenihan here.