Thursday, 3 June 2010

'Dem bones, 'dem bones...

A little something I've been mucking about with in between dwarfs, mules and watching paint dry -

Think I've got me a nice, easy and above all quick skellie recipe for painting up the rank and file for what will be Baron Kraust's Band of Lost Souls.

This hungry looking chap is from the old citadel Skeleton Army box set. My favourite plastic box set ever - you literally got an army - 30 odd skelton warriors to pose as you wanted with scythes, swords, pikes, axes, spears and bows. I remember there was even bits of armour like breast plates and helmets that could be stuck on too! There were also parts for a good number of skeleton horsemen and a bone chariot plus cut out banners, of which I still have a couple that might get recycled! All that and I don't remember paying much more than around £15!!

Only thing now is that now I'm resurrecting (haha) my old plastic skellies I wish my younger self, in all my eagerness to assemble them and paint their weapons brown , had taken a bit more time to clean up the mould lines and not use as much polystyrene cement!


  1. Care to share your skellie recipe?

  2. No probs - I use Dave's undercoating method -
    After that its a coat of Vallejo German Camo beige (or similar grey/green buff kind of colour) mixed with Matt medium - to let the shading show through. Highlight with Vallejo Buff also mixed with matt medium. Pick out the teeth in pure white. Then its a watered down brown ink wash with matt medium in to stop it going shiny followed by a watered down black ink wash also matted down once the brown is dry topick out the detail - not too much though as you don't want a grey skellie!

    Hope that helps!