Monday 6 February 2017

Hi Ho - It's off to War we go!

The ranks of Bakraz Drakkenklad's host swell as more Dwarves heed their Lord's call to arms! 

This time it's another core unit - twenty Dwarf warriors. This makes my army legal according to 6th edition's Ravening Hordes and frees me up to paint some of the more exotic special and rare units next, although I do have another block of twenty warriors to do at some point...

This bunch are quite an eclectic mix of the various Dwarf ranges, including a few celebrities! Taking pride of place in the front rank are Borax Bloodaxe of Dwarf Lords of Legend fame (joining King Gorin who had been moonlighting as Ozrim Chardz from my old Orc's Drift project), Gimli from the old LOTR range and the White Dwarf himself.

There are various very characterful pre-slotta Dwarves...

Slotta Dwarf Adventurers...

and ME33 Dwarves from the old LOTR range.

Along with the rest of the Dwarves I used for Ozrim Chardz' Engineers from my old Orc's Drift project.

Oh and the lads could do with a little heavy artillery in the form of the old Marauder Organ gun!

The three Dwarf crewmen came already painted - I forget from where - so I can't claim any credit there and the gun itself was pleasingly quick to paint.

I might have to dabble with some flesh tones and blue warpaint next after all that iron and wood...