Sunday, 19 February 2017

Resistance is futile. You Shall Be Like Us...

As my preparations for the big Dr Who game we have planned down at the Foundry in March continue I realised I hadn't photographed some of the stuff I painted last year. Last year I managed to expand my Invasion era Cyber-Army by acquiring a small force of Moonbase/Tomb era Cybermen. I've always liked this iteration of the cybermen - especially their creepy robo-voices and mouths that just slide open while they're talking!

The Cyber-Controller injects some much needed colour (as well as command and control!) in to the silver monotony that a large group of Cybermen inevitably suffer from with his enhanced cranium, or Easter egg hat as I like to call it!

The Cybermen who featured in the 2nd Doctor adventure, Moonbase, deployed a two man laser cannon in their attempt to take over the titular Weather Control Centre on the Moon. This was a bit of a bugger to put together thanks to some rather poor castings and the weapon itself needed a little conversion work to make it look a little more intimidating. At least they now have something to counter those Special Weapon Daleks!

The Cybermats feature heavily in the 2nd Doctor stories involving the Cybermen and were a great (and slightly creepy if you look beyond the dated special effects!) addition to the Cybermen's arsenal.

I'll have to make up some rules for these pesky little robots to make sure they can sneak around and cause the same sorts of problems on the table top as the did on the telly.

And of course every Cyber-Controller needs some subjects to control. It's a bit of a shame that there was only one sculpt made for these Cybermen as they look a bit stiff and monopose on the battlefield, At least the Invasion era Cybermen had a few different poses and looked a bit more dynamic. Anyhow they were a quick and easy addition to my Cyber-Force and add a bit of variety in terms of tactics.


  1. Wonderful work and I love the conversion work on the two man laser cannon.

    1. Thanks Michael - they were a right pain to clean up and fit together!