Tuesday 31 January 2017

Cracking a Cold One

Or at least I will now these Cold One Riders are done!

Just squeezed this entry in on time for January's round of our Tale of Four Gamers: Nerves of Lead challenge and this time it's the cavalry.

These chaps will form a unit of 8 Doomdrakes, led by my general, Calen Rauko. I managed to get hold of some of the old multi part Marauder Cold One riders with lances - in the larger Dark Elf army these guys will be used as the elite (and more costly) Helldrakes but for our 1500 point skirmish they've been demoted to the lower status Doomdrakes.

Jade is still proving popular and the army is definitely getting a nice coherent look to it!

Scores on the doors so far see me and Ashley leading with 10 points, Matthew on 8 points and Adam moves up to 4 points with a very nicely painted entry this month.

Next month should see the rest of the unit finished including a standard bearer - more free hand banners - yay!