Monday 13 February 2017

Here be Dragons

Preparations for the big Dr Who game down at Foundry continue apace with just over five weeks to go! 

Some more potential allies for the Doctors today in the form of the haughty but honourable Draconians.

These reptilian aliens carved out a Galactic Empire as big as that of the Earth Empire of the 26th Century - almost coming to blows with the Humans thanks to the machinations of the Master and his Dalek and Ogron "allies" in the 3rd Doctor story, Frontier in Space.

The Draconians are a highly moral and honourable race who place great stock in tradition. There society is very hierarchical with strict rules of conduct. Should the Doctor manage to appeal to this side of their nature he may well gain himself some useful allies...


  1. Excellent work on those chaps. Really nice shading and colour blending!

    1. Most kind of you but they were a bit of a cheat in terms of blending and shading! White undercoat, dilute coat of dark green mixed with gold (for that retro scifi feel!) and then a dark ink wash over the top. The highlights come from the white undercoat showing through the thin layer of green - they were pretty quick to do!