Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Albion Adventures: Rik Lupin's Mercenary Mercenaries

Here's my merry little band for the game we played at Foundry yesterday - a ragtag bunch of bandits and other hangers-on:

The Druid Wincerind - clueless, drunk and very short-sighted - he's fallen in with a bunch of ne'er-do-wells who he thinks are escorting him on his pilgrimage to the Ogham Stones...

Halfred Shortwick, down at heel Halfling bandit and would-be adventurer - he is trying to reconcile his wish to be a lawful adventurer with the fact that the only folk who would tolerate him are this bunch of amoral bandits.

Bruni Bersi, enigmatic Norseman who you don't want to be around when it's a full moon... or when he's got a pint in his hand.

Jon Eochaid (pronounced Yeohay) and his squire, Groucho Panzer - another two naive innocents who have unwittingly joined this gang of bandits (bit of background for them, pinched from my old Orc's Drift project -…/every-man-is-as-hea…

Finally the brains of the operation- Rik Lupin. A notorious noblewoman turned bandit. Ruthless as she is beautiful - unfortunately her henchmen usually succeed in ruining her cunning plans.


  1. A motley bunch. Great painting and pictures as always. Trust you had a good game.

    1. Thanks Springisfeld - and the beauty of it was that there were only 6/7 of them. I could get into this kind of low model count game!