Monday, 21 February 2011

Gnoming me, gnoming you...


So I've been totally distracted from the Orc's Drift project again! This time I've been painting a few minis I wanted to use in my next game of Skulldred, now that Dave's tweaked the magic system.

If you remember we left what was left of our Dwarf heroes holed up in their newly dug mine with a horde of Orcs waiting hungrily outside... So I figured the little guys might want a little help if they are to escape and what could be better than - some littler guys!

I landed these wee fellows off ebay ages ago for quite a bargain and they've sat neglected till now -

Glimtwiss Greenfinger - Gnome Elementalist

Dibber Trowelson - Gnome Hero

Allam Smallmarsh - Gnome Warrior

Herb Slugsbane - Gnome Warrior

And finally Griebel Birdscarer - Gnome Shootist (you may have seen him before but he's had a change of hat colour since...)

So its off to do some bedtime reading on the new Skulldred magic rules now!


  1. These guys are so great!! Gnomes! There needs to more Gnomes in Warhammer games!

  2. You're quite right!

    I've got abut enough, including these guys to form a small unit of 12 or so as allies for my embryonic Dwarf army.

    You can see them in action here, if you haven't already :)