Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I spy with my bulging, long dead eye...

... a new project!

Well start of one which WILL wait until I've finished Orcs Drift!

Its all the fault of a lovely gent on the LAF who goes by the name of Phreedh, who has not only tempted me with some great pics of his undead warband in his Songs of Stillburg thread -, but has also done me a deal on some rather nice undead minis too.

Anyways I have the remnants of my old plastic Citadel Skeleton Horde to resurrect when I get tired of painting orcs and the nice old character models wending their way through the post to look forward to!

Not sure what I'll use these chaps for apart from some other random SOBH scenarios I might dream up if I ever get time to play...

This fellow was bought on a whim on ebay along with some orcs a while back and I felt inspired to paint him up in anticipation of this little side project!

The first soldier of Baron Kraust's Band of Lost Souls...


  1. Oh you smooth-talker you! =) Came here hoping for more pictures as the front of his body is obscured by shadows in all.

  2. Haha - that's called atmospheric lighting?! I'll have to take some more pics when I've painted some of the placcie ones up, although to be fair its much the same as the back but with some ribs poking throgh!

  3. Fair enough mate... =D

    I really like the eyes, you did a very good job with them. Is the glare painted or natural?

  4. Did you mean the shine on his eyes - I think that was mostly the lighting although I'm going to give them a dab of gloss varnish to make them nice and shiny...