Sunday, 2 May 2010

(Barely) Walking Wounded...

Another addition to the Orc's Drift project - Gymlet, a Dwarf Sergeant-At-Arms of the Grand League.

Gymlet finds himself somewhat inconvenienced in the face of King Fyarr's invasion as he is recuperating from a nasty leg wound at Ferndale Snart's makeshift hospital in Orc's Drift. This means that even for a dwarf he is slow - 1 1/2" movement allowance!

The combat rules for him are even better. Gymlet can only use his axe in the first round of combat - he then spins and compulsorily falls over! It takes him one turn to struggle back to his feet again and he may not re-enter combat until the following turn - this also applies to the use of his stick which counts as an improvised weapon!

"Come back here... I'll bite your leg off!!"

Love the mini, but he does say wizard to me more than sergeant...

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