Monday, 17 May 2010

Eye Eye Cap'n!!

Right loads to post tonight but its getting late...

Got loads of painting done at the weekend but managed to leave the camera at work on Friday so bit of a backlog...

First up is Fangor Gripe, Chief of the feared Vile Rune Orcs. Great mini and slightly unusual in that he only has one eye - no mention of his cyclopity in the rules - just makes him look like a nasty chaotic bugger!

Fangor has a little secret he wants to stay secret - his opting out from the battle of Fendal Plain during the Goblin Wars of the previous year could land him in hot water. The only soul to know of his cowardly decision is Silas Meel, the half orc spy being held by the Wood Elf garrison at Kachas Pass. It would be a shame if Guthrum Mane accidently stood on him during the raid on the garrison's mountain outpost...

Just the one pic as the others didn't work out on close inspection and its far too late to retake them.

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