Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Getting the General idea...

Hey I think I'm getting better at this Tale of Four Gamers lark - got my entry ready to share with the world and there's still over a week of December left!

Either that or I've set my sights low in terms of model count...

Yep it's the latter as this month I've decided to tackle my army general to give me a breather on the painting front what with the coming festivities and all.

So let me introduce you to Calen Rauko, the Demon in Green, Reaver of the Northern Seas and Scourge of Rrinnhasha.

Calen Rauko was one of the Dark Elf General, Rhudd Cynhaef's captains and was tasked with commanding one of the flanking actions at the pivotal battle of Feiss Mabdon. Rauko carried out his duties with unsavoury relish, exhorting his Cold One cavalry to acts even more despicable than the frenzied Witch Elves carrying out the main assault.

Some surmise the grotesque visor of his helm to be imbued with the infernal power of a bound demon, augmenting Rauko's prowess for bloodletting. Others who know him better know that he needs no such assistance.

Since the fall of Feiss Mabdon, Calen Rauko has amused himself by cruising the Northern Seas, raiding settlements be they Human or Elf and spreading terror wherever the black sails of his ships are seen.

Being of what passes for noble birth in Druchii society, Rauko is most at home in command of his household cavalry - a vicious regiment of Doom Drakes, fell warriors mounted on Cold Ones. Those who fall before their charge are the lucky ones. Survivors are often fed alive to Dark Elves' stinking reptile mounts once the battle is won.

As the end of the year is fast approaching it seemed a good time to rank up my Dark Elves for a little army shot to see how this force is progressing - not too bad at all!

So this month's total is 160 points for a L15 Hero mounted on a Cold One and equipped with heavy armour, shield, hand weapon, repeating crossbow. As the unit he commands will be carrying lances I've also given him one - I may model one on him later if I get time...

The army total so far is 640 points putting me a little ahead of the target of 600 points we should be on by now.

I feel Calen Rauko's Doom Drakes would be the next logical unit to paint up - just as soon as the festive hangover clears up in January. They rack in at an expensive 273 points so should keep me going over a couple of months!


  1. These are coming together nicely. Loving that fluff as well. ­čśë

  2. Very Elrician........... stunning painting as always too.

  3. loving the fluff.

    They are coming on a storm.

  4. Great background Thantsants! Your dark elf army/warband is coming along nicely. Eavy Metal eat your heart out :)

  5. Thanks one and all - very pleased how it's all coming together so far. Glad you like the background!