Friday, 4 March 2016

In Defence of Far Corfe

Just putting the finishing touches to the unit rules cards for the big Oldhammer game today down at the Foundry.

In Defense of Far Corfe is Orlygg's brain child, continuing Warlord Paul's long running Albion Adventures games - and should prove to be a most enjoyable day's gaming! The basic premise is that players should bring along a goodie unit and a baddie unit which are both balanced - this should mean that whoever turns up on the day, we should end up with two evenly matched sides necessary for this particular scenario. Whether or not we get to command the units we bring or end up controlling someone else's will be randomly determined...

Here are my two offerings -

Katyah Bolokov's Narsty Nobblahs

These Mourngul Renegades are far from home - reviled even by their own despicable kind for their gross perversions and sadistic tendencies. Bolokov is accompanied by his faithful Hobhound, Gobblah Nutask - a fine specimen with a particularly glossy coat, perhaps due to a rather particular diet his master is often want to feed him...

Lurking amongst the ranks is his champion, Varesk Timay - a particularly unpleasant and sneaky Hobgoblin, skilled in the use of sharp bladed weapons with an almost surgical skill.

Earl Farkwart Farkerie's Cleisterfuckentruppe

Farkwart (or Farkwit as his men are oft want to call him) is in fact a disgraced Earl - banished from the familial seat for being overly familiar with a stranger who was far more porcine than good taste would permit. He has since earned some notoriety as the commander of a mercenary band of pikemen. Their past exploits (most of which ended badly thanks to Farkwart's many deficiencies) have earned them the moniker, Cleisterfuckentruppe.

There are two troopers of note amongst the truppen. These are Le Grand Branler (far right of the front rank before the archers) - a grizzled Bretonnian veteran with a slight inferiority complex about the size of his chopper. On the opposite side of the unit (for good reason) and waving a similarly large weapon around is Schwanz Grossenegger - a particularly well endowed and suitably cocky Greatsword from Nuln. The rest of the troops are a mixture of pikemen and archers.

Special Rules - Le Grand Branler has an inferiority complex about the size of his chopper. He must take a WP test to overcome this for each round of combat he is engaged in. If successful he becomes so enraged that he is subject to frenzy (+1 to hit, damage and saving throw, immune to psychology and must always follow up enemy in combat) for that round. If he fails, he loses heart and suffers -1 to hit and -1 to damage for that round.
Schwanz Grossenegger is quite the opposite and is overly cocky thanks to being particularly well endowed. He must take a CL test for each round of combat he is engaged in. If he passes, his enemy is so intimidated by his alpha male aura that he suffers -1 to hit Schwanz. If Schwanz fails the test, his enemy sees through the bluster and gains +1 to hit Schwanz.
Both Schwanz Grossenegger and Le Grand Branler are subject to animosity towards each other and must test unless the enemy is within charge range. The rest of the unit are quite used to their bickering and may leave them behind if they become embroiled in a brawl. Schwanz and Branler must rejoin the unit as soon as they can.

As you can tell the puns will be flying thick and fast today and it should prove a most entertaining game. I'll endeavour to take pics and cobble together some kind of narrative for the whole thing...

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