Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gigantic Skeletal Death

Lexicanian Trask prayed the Rebel advance was faltering. Below him the Landraider and Predator continued fire on the Traitor Titan while the Ultramarines milled about trying to regain formation. Two Loyalist Titans raced forward on an intercept course. Trask upped the intensity of his magnoculars. Filters cut in to prevent him being blinded by plasma flare. He made out the insignia of the approaching allies: Warp Runners.

The enemy Titan loomed like gigantic skeletal death over the wasteland of twisted girders and broken buildings. Trask felt impotent and alone as far below his brother Marines fought to stave off the enemy advance.

The battle teetered in the balance. Trask hoped the Warp Runners could stop the Deaths Head before it reached the Bromium Refinery. He knew that it would take only one unlucky hit to make the whole ammo dump go up like an out of control reactor.

Excerpt and illustration from the Adeptus Titanicus rule book.

Right then - back to the Horus Heresy and some epic scale goodness!

Firstly I want to share with you some snaps I took of the lovely old Titan models in Bryan Ansell's marvelous display cabinets that can be seen at the Foundry down in Newark. Also worth checking out is Steve Casey's excellent posts of Bryan's Titan collection.

 These were the original metal Titan prototypes that were used in the publicity pictures for Adeptus Titanicus.

Traitors and Loyalists were represented by the Deaths Heads and Fire Wasps respectively.

It was certainly a novel experience to study them in the flesh and take snaps for painting references rather than the usual casting about through Google images and peering through old rulebooks and White Dwarf magazines.

Suffice it to say that the Fire Wasps are next in the painting queue, although I'll also be painting up some Warp Runners and making a Bromium Refinery so I can make up a scenario based on the bits of narrative that appear throughout the Adeptus Titanicus rule book.

Seeing these venerable old minis has also strengthened my resolve to try and track down a MK1 metal Titan of my own although that will have to wait until my finances are in better health!

It is a shame that they didn't go with this original design in a way, as much as I like the old plastic Warlords, there's something about these MK1's that really floats my boat - the head and carapace in particular.

Anyhow, I'll have to keep dreaming for now! Here's my efforts in the mean time.

Deaths Heads Warlords advance through the ruins, supported by Sons of Horus Marines and Land Raiders.

These guys are the first in my preparations for the Adeptus Titanicus game I plan on running at BOYL 2016 - be great if I can nab one of the tables by the display cabinets and those great old MK1's who grace the Adeptus Titanicus box!

I had fun looking up some suitably moribund Latin phrases for names of these Deaths Heads.
This is Curum Perficio - My Journey Ends

I'm planning on painting up three Warlords each for three Loyalist and three Traitor Titan Legions. All these Titans will be magnetised so that weapon choices can be changed as per the players' preferences. The banners have also been magnetised but that's more to make them easier to transport!

I'm hoping to achieve a bit of balance by enforcing a points limit based on the rules for designing your own Titans that appeared in the Codex Titanicus expansion. Don't worry if you don't want to stump up the £25 or so for one on Ebay though as I'll be posting some guidelines on the process later.

For anyone wanting to bring their own Titans that are fully tooled (and glued) up it might be a case of bringing fewer models to the table to get in the points limit, or lowering the power of the weapons but more of that in another post.

Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus - We Are Dust and Shadow
I was quite pleased with how easily these were to paint up - the colour scheme is pretty simple and effective and the dazzle style camo on the carapace wasn't too onerous.

 Even the banners were pretty straight forward with a steady hand! The eagle-eyed among you might have spotted that I used skull transfers from some old Undead transfer sheets I found.

Sub Cute Calvarium - The Skull Beneath the Skin
 I also had fun finding alternatives for the Eye of Horus symbol that all Traitor forces display to show their loyalty to the rebellion.

The classic Egyptian look...

A blend of the Chaos star and the Eye of Horus...

And another variation on that theme.

Definitely glad to have the first batch of Titans under my belt - I guess it'll be the Fire Wasps next...


  1. I love the old Epic stuff. It has so much charisma and nostalgia to it. Takes me back to an age I didn't get to live.

    1. Definitely know where you're coming from there - I think I must have been born ten years or so later than I should have been!

  2. Great stuff - it's like leafing through a circa #100 White Dwarf! Marvellous :)

    [Latin pedantry: 'cursum perficio', with an 's', means 'I end the journey'. You could go for 'cursus perficit'? Or you could ignore such quibbles and continue producing excellent titans :)]

    1. What's this? People called Romanes they go the house?

      That would be my translation error I think - not sure I can fit 100 corrections on that banner though ;)

      Latin lesson and compliments both much appreciated Rab - circa #100 White Dwarf is definitely what I'm aiming for.

      There'll also be lots more bad Latin to come when I get on to the other Legions!

    2. Perhaps the traitor legions were SO utterly naughty that they deliberately went freestyle with their Latin to upset the loyalists? The scoundrels!

      Please ignore my pedantry and keep filling my blogroll with titans!

    3. I like your thinking Rab - not only were they Heretics but Grammar Trolls to boot!

      No worries on the pedantry either - takes me right back to my school days and GCSE Latin ;)

  3. It was WD108 when these were first shown. Probably the biggest WD surprise ever! I was 13 and I still remember it.

    1. Nice - I'll have to dig it out and remind myself!

  4. Thanks for the pictures of the Titans, an excellent post. I have just jumped back into Adeptus Titanicus after some 25 years absence.
    Over on the wargames web site I have posted some pictures of the Titans I am working on, here is the link address
    An excellent blog.

    1. Thanks very much - great work there yourself! Reminds me that I should get round to properly photographing the other Titans I got painted up for last year's Oldhammer weekend...