Thursday 11 February 2016

Tank Goodness!

What would be an Imperial Guard army without the tanks?

Sadly bereft I (and many other tread heads) would say I'm sure.

Whether it be the huge hitting power of the Super Heavies or the massed cavalry style charges and pincer movements of Leman Russ or Predator tanks, the Guard love their armour.

My Lucky Sevens are lucky indeed to count on the support of two Super Heavy Companies and a Predator Company, along with some supporting detachments.

Whilst the foot sloggers are slogging towards their objectives and the Artillery are laying down a hail of barrage fire, the Armour can take the fight right to the enemy. Unless of course it's a Super Heavy - they'll be trundling along at the same speed as the Infantry!

An armoured spearhead reclaims the ruins of the city!

Predator Company - not bad on speed and firepower although their CAF isn't fantastic. Good for flanking the enemy and laying down supporting fire.

Baneblades - the Guard's massively armoured equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife and a jack of all trades compared to some of the more specialised tanks - as long as that involves rolling slowly forward blowing the hell out of whatever is in front of them!

Not what dug in troops want to see bearing down on them... Baneblades have a large CAF and can't be pinned in close combat by anything smaller than other Super Heavies.

Stormblades were a relatively new addition and perform an anti-Titan role. In fact they mount a Titan weapon - the deadly Plasma Blastgun. Various missile racks provide anti-infantry and anti-tank support too - pretty nasty if fired off in one go!

The classic Leman Russ - stalwart of the Imperial Army! A capable battle tank with a good CAF - bit more grunt than the Predators. I'd like to add a few more to bring these two detachments up to Company strength - and finish painting the one at the back that got missed!
Next up - the Big Guns!


  1. Brilliant pics again, Thantsants! What great epic scenary you have! And nice to see those classic Leman Russes!

    1. Thanks PW - I am now armed with more plywood (albeit slightly thicker but hopefully it won't be too noticeable) so I'm hoping to base up some of those nice old Adeptus Titanicus polystyrene buildings. Nearly done with some of the old plastic craters that came out back in the day too...

  2. Loving all the Epic stuff :)

    1. Plenty more to come too! The ranks of Chaos are soon to be swelled as soon as I get round to taking pics of them...