Friday 19 February 2016

Back once again with the ill behaviour...

Where would the Heresy be without any renegades? Well to redress the balance I have the beginning of my Chaos horde to share with you this evening.

Here we have the first elements of my Chaos army that will eventually include forces from all four of the Chaos Powers - although Khorne seems to be outnumbering his Chaotic brethren so far. I've also completed the first contingent of Rebels from the Horus Heresy and who else could I start with other than the Sons of Horus himself - more about them in another post.

Back to the out and out Chaotics - some of my favourite infantry models - Chaos Androids. I have enough for two detachments according to the 2nd ed rules with one base to spare in case I ever play 1st ed and want a larger formation. The androids don't look too dangerous on the battlefield although they do have quite a nasty CAF of +4. The fun comes in actually controlling them. The Androids are are in fact daemons that have bound into skeletal robot bodies and they're non too happy about that fact. As a result they try and misinterpret orders and generally do the opposite of what is required of them. After all other order counters have been revealed both players dice off for the Androids with a D6 - the player with the highest roll gets to place any order counter they wish!

Some of the most potent troops in a Chaos force are the Daemons. Khorne's Flesh Hounds are fast and deadly in close combat and because of their horrific nature troops who are on first fire orders can't shoot at them if they are charged - a rule which applies to all Daemonic troops. Thanks to Khorne's hatred of magic, the Flesh Hounds' collar means that they are immune to all psychic attacks.

The Bloodthirster is one of Khorne's Greater Daemons and forms the focus of any Khornate army. With its ability to fly and to fight twice in close combat, the Bloodthirster is a terror once it reaches the enemy lines. If it gets into difficulty then the Chaos player can always expend Chaos Reward cards to save it from being cast back into the warp. The Bloodletters are Khorne's warriors - also extremely nasty in close combat with the added ability to regenerate.

The World Eaters Marines pictured here represent a legion of these rebels some time after they joined the Horus Heresy. Khorne's favour has twisted them into horrifying parodies of their once noble selves.

From what I've read of the Horus Heresy, it seems that by the time of the invasion of the Emperor's Palace on Earth many of the rebel Marine Chapters had begun to be affected by the mutating influence of their patron Gods.

I would have shown you the Minotaur warband and Chaos Dreadnoughts but forgot to bring them with me. Ah well next time. There's plenty more Chaos to come including Angron, the World Eaters' Primarch, Khornate Daemon Engines and the mighty Lord of Battles.

Not to mention a more detailed look at the Sons of Horus and their history...


  1. Well, no need to say that you got me totally hooked, these are beautiful (again!) and really impressive (again!).

    1. Thanks again Suber, although the red, gold and black combo is getting a little wearing on the eye. Nearly done with the rest of my Khorne stuff though...

  2. Thank you for planting that damn song firmly in my head all day...

    1. My pleasure.

      Just the sort of ill behaviour the Renegade Master would approve of I'm sure!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mate - might need to paint some Nurgle stuff to get a break from red and gold though!