Monday, 27 October 2014


Of course not all Boyz can master the intricacies of such modern technologies as the Cleaver or Chain Mail. In fact some Orcs take it upon themselves to shun such newfangled gear.

For them it is a simpler world of being at one with the past, communing with nature... and then killing it in a berserk rage! Yep it's the Savage Orcs!

I've had these Perry Savage Orcs since they came out in the 90's. They used to be part of a 19 strong unit when I used to game as a lad - a fact that always annoyed me. The warriors came in blisters of 4 but the command group had been reduced to 3 since the good old days of the 3rd ed. combo of Leader, Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer. Anyhow, they always did me proud in battle but I was never that enamoured of their distinctively plain looks when compared to Kev Adams' finest.

Since then the command group and a fair few of the troopers put their fear of machinery behind them and travelled over the Pond to join Blue in VT's forces - perhaps even participating in the huge Siege game our American brothers have been enjoying at their Oldhammer event this past weekend?

The remaining eight Savages were rescued from the swaps box, however, and joined their older brethren for the big Siege game we played back in August - shame they ended up stuck in a queue in the Skaven tunnel mind...

I decided to use the shield designs from the Vile Rune Tribe from my Orc's Drift project - I always envisaged them as a semi-savage hill tribe and its nice to preserve their identity within the greater Goblinoid horde they are now part of.
Whilst not my favourite Orc minis in the world, they do scrub up quite well!
I also added a standard, or rather totem bearer - I think this excitable chap came as part of a Spear Chukka crew. His broken spear made this an easy conversion into a standard.
Just thought I'd include the old Boyz as they've not been on the blog in a while!

And the big mob all together - I think the later Perry minis mix in quite well with the older Savages.
Next up - Machineries of Destruction!


  1. I'm pretty sure in barbarian armies it was the youngest that got pushed to the front so your 90's savage orcs should be out front....All good I'm actually collecting separate units of 90's spear and bow savage orcs.

    1. That's a good point - sounds just like the Wild Boyz in Epic. If they survive the battle with their axes and shields they'll get given a Bolter or such like and allowed to join the ranks of da Boyz in the next scrap!

      Look forward to seeing your bunch of unruly savages when they're done!

  2. Need to get a unit of skinny savages myself to the Outcast ladz. Yours look great btw :)

    1. Cheers Chico - I've got a real soft spot for the old 80's guys. Love the sickles and bows and arrers and the general mish mash of Celt and Sioux and whatever else there is in there!

      I'm sure the Outcasts will be most welcoming of some unruly savages.