Monday 27 October 2014

Orctober - Da Boyz

Yikes - Orctober is almost over and I haven't posted half of what I planned!

To make amends let me bring you all back to where it counts in terms of Orciness - da Boyz!

Where would any famous Chieftain be now if it weren't for the humble, salt of the earth, common or garden Orc. Faceless hordes of blood-crazed maniacs don't happen all by themselves you know and every horde has to start some place.

These particular lads are the late comers to my growing horde and were painted up in a hurry for BOYL 2014. In true typical orc fashion, they were undemanding to paint and ready to sell their lives cheaply on the battlefield. 

Gork Bless 'em!

From left to right - A Marauder Champion, Citadel Orc warrior (and McDeath guest star), an old LOTR Orc, another chap you may recognise from Erny's Place and another Citadel Orc Warrior.

Another eclectic mix - Orc Warrior with spear, Preslotta Fiend Factory Orc with axe and spear, LOTR Orc, Orc Champion, another LOTR Orc and one of Harboth's Black Mountain boyz.

Close up of the Champion - destined for the ranks of my Big 'Un unit.

C16 Preslotta Orc with halberd, C16 Orc with double handed axe (looks like a leader to me!), another C16 Orc - angry this time, another LOTR Orc, Orc warrior with pole arm, and yet another C16 Orc!

All these chaps are most welcome as they allow me to round out several units to nice tidy numbers - in a very un-Orcy fashion!

20 orc Big 'Uns with full command.
25 Orc Spears with full command
30 Orc Boyz with Champion and Standard - these lads aren't worried about formation changes!
Next up - a walk on the wild side!


  1. I was wondering where you'd got to, thopugh in truth I haven't foun d time for half the stuff I wanted. Another great unit of boyz, several unkits of these are essential after all.

    1. Yep, sorry Erny - life kind of got in the way.

      Nothing like a sprint finish though!

      You must be chuffed with the response this year - I've certainly enjoyed reading the many and varied Orctober inspired posts.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Blue - how did your Boyz get on in your Siege game? Or did you end up on the Goodies' side?