Monday 1 September 2014

I'm a Gobbo!

This has to rank as one of my guiltiest listening pleasures of all time but since I stumbled across this track on Youtube (probably thanks to one of Orlygg's posts on the Hungry Troll games I might add) it has oft times been played on heavy rotation to get me through large swathes of batch painting what else - Gobbo's!!!

So here's a slightly closer look at the smaller and more wretched end of my Goblinoid horde.

First up is the Gobbo Sticka's - all thrity six of them.

Command section - Greengage the vile and his hangers-on

Detail on Greengage's shield. He seems to be a variant of Grom from Grom's Goblin Guard version 2.
On to the metal rank and file - a motley mixture of Marauder and Citadel, sculpted by Aly Morrison, Kev Adams and Bob Olley.

And where would any 80's era Goblinoid horde be without the obligatory presence of the plastic Gobbo's from the Warhammer Regiments boxed set!

And a nasty little surprise for anyone getting too close.

  I have been dying to own the chap in the middle ever since seeing him as  Gruk the Loon in the Goblinoid set of Citadel Combat Cards.

And all the lads playing happily together.

Greengage and his Pig Sticka's - a fine sight to behold!

 Now on to Spiker Grammit and his vicious Ankull Biterz - a thirty strong unit of Goblin warriors.

Not sure whether it was the helmet or his favourite club that earned Spiker his Nom de Guerre?
 More Citadel gobbo's - the second from the left seems to be another variant of the Champion from Grom's Goblin Guard. Note the Plastic archer now with added mace.

This next lot are a ill assorted bunch - just right for the dregs of Goblinoid society! On the right is the lesser Goblin from the Monster Starter set (another little collection that would be nice to complete!). Next to him is what looks like a Red Goblin Champion? In the middle is a C23 Ogre - talk about scale creep though! To his left is a Goblin Warg Rider from the old Lord of the Rings range minus his warg! The last chap seems to be a smaller version of the Red Goblin champion but I couldn't see a line drawing of him from that page so not sure about him?

 These are some of my favourites but the Lesser Goblins are tiny - that's a Snotling on the far right!

I didn't have quite enough to make up a Snotling style 40mm base so I decided to pair them up on 20mm to make this unit look even more of a rabble.

More Warg Riders and spare Skullcrusher crew.

I'm curious as to why the Gobbo on the end has glasses - I had to paint them as classic 80's red sun glasses of course! Next to him is the first edition of Grom - sadly demoted to the ranks of Gramitt's mob by his younger and sleeker (marginally) replacement! I'm assuming the chap with the long black hair and two handed sword is some old citadel preslotta - great little mini! The Marauder Gobbo's give some more variety to the look of the unit.

Another three Fungus addicts! I've also noticed that the fanatic on the left has a variant wolf rider version - not the best weapon to be swinging round on top of  a wolf one would think, but hey!

And the boys all together - aaahhhh look at the little fella's!

A charging elite knight's (hopefully!) eye view - or, how the hunter becomes the hunted!

And finally Slasher Grebbo's infamous Stunty Sticka's - definitely not to be confused with Greengage and his cowardly Pig Sticka's!

Again I ended up with a nice mix of ranges to give them a ramshackle look. From left to right we have a lesser Night Goblin, another Warg Rider sans mount, a couple of Citadel Gobbo's and a Snagga Goblin, again from the old Lord of the Rings range.

More Citadel Gobbo's and another C23 Ogre - this time with a spear head to replace the missing original weapon.

A 90's Squig Herder team (still got the Squigs somewhere), more Citadel and another Lesser Night Goblin.

Yet more Citadel, another converted Warhammer Regiments archer and another Snagga Goblin (centre)

Another Warg Rider(!) and more Citadel...

And these lovely old pre-slotta fanatics - particular favourite is the chap on the left who is having a whale of a time!

Bristling with spears and other sharp pointy things - a fearsome sight indeed!

But don't get too close...

I had a lot of fun painting these Gobbo's up despite the huge numbers of them. There were enough different ranges among them to keep it interesting and they are all so full of character.

Next up the Wolf Riders - another unit I've been dying to get painted up for ages!


  1. Looking good.

    Love the indepth look at someone elses army, maybe I'll do more of my own in this way, although I do repeat a lot of the minis (there are only so many Skaven to use from pre 4th edition) but maybe more of a general themed look as opposed to a individual minis.

    1. I don't know - it could work.

      Here's the 36th Skaven Slave 6 in the unit - note how this time I've painted his claws in Vermin Brown rather than Bone White.

      ; )

      Seriously though a closer look at your Skaven would make a great post.

  2. Lovely break down of your goblin horde. Nice to see them individually listed & described in detail. Very impressive lot when their all ranked up too! Those old sculpts really do have a lot of character.

    It's only in hind sight that I regret not collecting them in my youth, but alas, chaos was my thing. Financial limitations as a youth had a lot to do with only having one army too I suppose :)


    1. I think that that is what made them so enjoyable to paint - such a range of styles and so much character.

      There are many things I regret not collecting in my youth! Trying to make up for it now!

  3. Very impressive horde of perhaps my favorite WFB race....there is something very intriguing about goblins....funny too. Your units are very impressive and look fantastic.

    1. Cheers Blue - they are an interesting bunch with a definite comic twist!

      It goes without saying they'd love a showdown with your beautifully painted Dwarves and Bretonnians ; )

  4. Terrific, Thantsants!! These guys just made me smile - I love goblins! Very nice that you included the plastic archers too! They're wonderful figs. And Snotlings deserve their own bases like you did, they look so much better than the 40mm size. What a joy seeing these all, Thantsants! Except I'm drooling for a full army shot of them all together!

    1. Thanks PW! I do have a real soft spot for those placcy archers and a regiment of the Orcs to paint up soon too.

      About the army shot - you're in luck! Just check out my last post...

    2. Oops! I completely missed that post and the one before it too - yikes, you've been posting very prolifically over the past while, Thantsants! Great stuff! And a truly wonderful Orc and Goblin Horde! Also nice to see the earlier army shot again too.

    3. No worries - You're obviously more used to my habitual silences ; )

      They make rather nice before and after shots don't they!

  5. Great army, and a nice in-depth look too! Your C23 Ogres are actually Runequest Trolls, but they certainly look the part!

    1. I stand corrected and there are what I thought was the Red Goblin Champion and the smaller version of him - Trolls and Trollkin

      Mind you I have to ask whether there was some cross over as my Runequest Troll does bear an uncanny resemblance to the line drawing second from the left under C23 Ogres on the link in my post?