Thursday, 4 September 2014

Going Commando

Don't worry - I'm not about to share with you my choices in underwear (or lack of)...

This post is in fact to celebrate another little mile stone to warm the cold and ever hungry collector that lurks somewhere in my psyche - Ugezod's Death Commandos.

I've had Ugezod and Guzrog Dogchild for some time now - they were originally part of the Severed Hand Tribe in my Orc's Drift project.

I decided to go with a severed hand (in various amusing poses) as a themed shield design for the unit.

How better to say "Up yours!" when you've got your hands full.

The Mighty Ugezod is certainly a big hulking brute of an Orc!

I think Guzrog is supposed to be a Black Orc so is possibly a bit too green but never mind.

Rock on!

Ever since I realised that I had the beginnings of the Death Commandos I wanted to get out there and catch 'em all. Now, some two years later I have finally tracked them all down, cleaned them up and painted them up!

The delightfully named Shylob Carcassbreath proved one of the more elusive of the bunch. I don't think he's particularly rare - just took me a while to track him down.

He will of course make an appearance in my Hobgoblin army I hope to have ready for BOYL 2015, but for now (and to have him ready for BOYL 2014) I painted a similar design to the Severed Hand theme on Ugezod and Dogchild. Bit of a rush job to be honest so I may well revisit it with a more Eastern design later.

Kudra Stuntysmasher represents the Goblins in this most inclusive of Goblnoid units - I think the only race not included apart from Snotlings are Half Orcs.

Kudra certainly looks well equipped to live up to his name!
The enigmatic Mormo Jabberbinder provides magical assistance to the Death Commandos. A wonderfully daft figure with his (her?) witch's hat and staff.

Actually Mormo would probably make quite a good, if outstandingly ugly, human witch!

I like to think of Gnar the mutant Goblin as the comic, animalistic kind of character that crops up as an archetype in loads of kid's cartoons. Of course he can't speak a word of English/Orcish and exhibits many dog-like mannerisms such as panting, wagging his tail and licking everything in sight.

Comic or not, looks like he knows how to use that pick-axe!

Ushtug the Gut is a fine figure of an Orc - I think he definitely deserves an extra point of toughness thanks to his great bulk. I'd be interested to know if any background or stats were ever published for the Death Commandos.

Mind you making them all up would be quite fun in itself - I must say they were partly the inspiration behind the characters in my Engines of Avalone scenario. I reckon a small hero/character heavy skirmish game with these guys would be great fun.

I gave him a face instead of a severed hand - bit wrinkly though! Again this was a bit of a rush job in order to be ready for BOYL 2014 and I may go back to tidy it up at some point...

Sileth Frothlip is the second Hobgoblin in the unit and like Shylob will be appearing in my Hobgoblin army for BOYL 2015.

 Great miniature this one and you certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that massive two handed spiked mace!

I still find myself afflicted with the Nick Lund bug and harbor a long term ambition to make up another Orc army made up only of his sculpts. Mirliton will come in handy here with all their old Grenadier minis, as will EM4 with those fantastic value plastic Orcs!

Of course that's all just an elaborate excuse to get hold of the amazing Grenadier Goblin War Giant!


  1. Love the poster at the top!

    Figures aint bad either :-)

    1. I think that's what is meant in modern military terms as shock and awe...

      Cheers ADB!

  2. Great painting. I love the Mormo figure I have one waiting (covered in dust) on the painting table. I'm sure you are aware, the War Giant is still available from Mirliton, as are loads of Nick Lund treasures.

    1. Thanks Springisfield - I certainly look forward to seeing your take on Mormo.

      Mirliton has been in my sights for a while. The only problem is my potential order keeps getting bigger and bigger as I'm after Nick Lund goodness for my Hobgoblins, the Trolltooth project and the Nick Lund horde I'd love to create!

  3. The Mighty Ugezod is my favourite Orc figure of all time, and he has led my Orcs in many battles.

  4. I can certify Mormoi makes an excellent (and yes awfully ugly) witch painted in fleshtones rather than green. I got the model at a time I couldn't really appreciate it , it seems.
    Here is how it looks in ahuman version :

    Splendid collection of splendid paintjobs, the Goblin war giant, I want to paint him so bad I probably wouldn't care ti justify making an army for him, he IS an army by himself.

    1. That works really well Assless - might need to get another Mormo just to have as a human witch!

      I think you're right about the Giant - who needs to justify that!

  5. Awesome, excellently painted.
    I love the detail of different had postions on the shields. Perhaps you could use some British Sign Language on another unit spelling out something?
    I like the way you have painted the different skin tones, and the rusty armour too. There are a lovely set of models.

    Mirlton is a great temptation! I would like to add some Half Orcs to my Nick Lund themed Lord of the Rings army (another project in need of completeing!). He did some excellent sculpts and they were the mental image of Orcs I had when reading Lord of the Rings.
    The War Giant is great. It's huge, and really really heavy.

    1. That's an intriguing idea Lee - might have to do some research on sign language! I must admit after the various rude gestures, thumbs up and down, live long and prosper and the Rock On/Horns sign I was running out of ideas - sign language could open up a whole new vista of possibilities!

      Can't wait to see your LOTR army when it's done - must admit they fit in with my mental image for Tolkien's Orcs too, but that may have something to do with Bakshi.