Sunday 17 August 2014

BOYL 2014 - The Siege of Avalone - The Set Up...

So folks here we have the preliminary post to the my version of the narrative of the Siege of Avalone.

Preliminary because I'm struggling selecting a sensible number of pictures from the 109 I took!

My version of the narrative because I really couldn't say with any confidence what was going on on the other side of the table - it was that big!

The following pics were just from me walking round the table and trying to get everything in before it all kicked off...

Wave 1 of the Bad Guys - there were more late-comers who had to pile in behind!

We can't have been far off from representing most Evil and Chaotic Races on the table.

Thanks to Golgfag for his excellent scratch-built Siege towers - I cheated and bought a laser cut Siege tower and Covered ram from Sally 4th.

The stalwart defenders and their dual line of defence.

The Evil army's secret weapon - Giant Gonads!

I think the walls were pretty adequately manned...

... and the town well garrisoned.

Nearly got it all in!

A daunting prospect - the heavily defended double gate house.

The town planners had a lot to answer for - there was consideration given to conserving the character of the town when planning permission was given to those elves!

A defender's eye view.

We decided that the attackers had secured the area up to the road as a result of Friday's game - perhaps in hindsight we could have set up a little further into the table.

A panoramic view - hence the strange chaos mutation!

My favourite unit on the defender's side - the Narnian host!
As you can imagine this lot took a while to set up - but it was great fun and took me back to the days when i would spend hours setting up the hundreds of plastic soldiers I owned into a battle scene. Back then it was customary for Sally, our old Golden Retriever, to enter the scene with tail wagging to wreak the sort of destruction that a tactical nuclear device might!

Luckily we were free from the tender mercies of rampaging family pets and had bucket loads of D6 to determine our little soldiers' fates...


  1. Fantastic photos, the game looked as though it was truly epic, too bad about the marathon walk for the forces of evil, but really who cares; just to be in a game like that would be a merit badge for any Oldhammer veteran! If people want a more competitive or fair game they're playing the wrong edition.

    1. My thoughts exactly and I go into a bit more detail about that at the end of my next post. I just enjoyed being there, participating, chatting and gawping at the thing!

      The way the game panned out was fine with me too - the cavalry charge by the bad guys on the Friday was always going to over reach itself and be driven back by the city defenses. The hordes of Treemen gave the Saturday a bit of LOTR feeling for me which I really liked - kind of the destruction of Isengard in reverse. There was a real sense of relief and jubilation when the last one was toppled! In fact the bad guys had to fight hard for every inch of that march to the city walls and that in itself was a great game!

  2. This game looked epic and you all looked like you were all having a wonderful time. Considering that BOYL ended well over a week ago and people are STILL writing about this game just goes to show how memorable it was. You now have one problem! How to create an even bigger, bonkers game next year. The Oldhammer Community awaits!

    1. Memorable or maybe it just takes ages to write a report on it because it was so big!

      I do have my slow burning Shrine of Rigg project which involves a full sized, playable model of the shrine - all 5 or so floors of it (got to finish building it yet!) plus a table to include Lake Lokka and the surrounding jungle. The final showdown will include the Magnificent Sven and his gang, Slann, Lizardmen, Amazons and maybe even some Bretonninan or Estalian conquistadors turning up to complicate matters.

      I think I'll be playing this and the preliminary scenarios through as a series of games in their own right somewhere central like Foundry or Slayer Gaming rather than bringing it to BOYL 2015 - I've already signed up for the Hobgoblin game and Warhammer Ahoy for next year and I hear Gaj is putting on the Lichemaster with the original cast...