Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Causing Mayhem!

Well as you know I am armpits deep in Crystacal R and Hirst Arts blocks but I've still found time for a distraction or two!

I'll share some WIP pics of Andy's latest release of 4A goblins, sculpted by Kev Adams in a later post - along with their new ride...

However, that little distraction has been interrupted by another (in some ways littler - 10mm) distraction. Some of you may remember Brent Spivey's (AKA VoodooInk) excellent 28mm skirmish game, Havoc, that I reviewed a while back. Well he's only gone and released another great set of fantasy rules called Mayhem through Bombshell Games.

I was particularly happy to hear he was focussing on the smaller scales of 10/15mm this time as I've been busy hoovering up Warmaster stuff in preparation for playing some bigger games of Warhammer.

Anyway, I plan to get a turn played and reported each day or two and posted up here, along with some analysis of the mechanics of the game - first read through of the Mayhem rules was most interesting and my head is already buzzing with many a tactical consideration...

First job though is to introduce the two armies. First up is the Goodies!

Army building is easy and you can really reflect the nature of the troops with a nice choice of stats from Movement, Combat Quality, equipment and various skills and attributes - more of which later. Plus using Gold Crowns instead of points is a fun way of splashing the cash!


Noble General
Human Cavalry with heavy armour, lance and shield
Leadership D8
M - D8
CQ - D8
Cost 18 crowns

3 units of Lancers
Human Cavalry with shields and lances
M - D8
CQ - D12
(1 unit is an Elite – free Fearless ability)
Cost 11 crowns each

2 units of Halberdiers
Human Infantry with Spears
M - d6
CQ - d12
Standard and Musician
Cost - 7 crowns each + 3 crowns for standard & musician

1 unit of Hand Gunners
Human Infantry with rifles
M - d6
CQ D12
Cost 16 crowns

2 units of Dwarf Thunderers
Infantry with rifles
M - D4
CQ - D10
Cost - 16 crowns each

Hero on Griffin
Flyer with lance, heavy armour and shield
M - D10
CQ - D8
Cost 29 crowns

1 unit of Elf Spearmen
Infantry with heavy armour, shields and spears
M - D6
CQ - D10
Ranked Fighting
Cost 12 crowns + 3 crowns for standard and musician

1 unit of Dwarf Trollslayers
Infantry with axes
M – D4
CQ – D10
Cost – 12 crowns

Total - 172 Crowns

I'll talk more about what all the different die mean in terms of Movement (M) and Combat Quality (CQ) next  time!

The Baddies will be up later tonight - once I've finished off a pack of Chaos hounds...


  1. I'd heard of Havoc but haven't tried it out. this makes me think I should try out Warmaster or my copy of Battle of Five armies soon.

    Nice looking armies by the way!

    1. Thanks matey! I'd definitely reccomend Havoc - got a very cinematic feel to it if that makes sense?

      I'm very jealous of your copy of Battle of the Five Armies - all I have so far is a few stands of Goblin spearmen and Wolf riders...

  2. Looking good. Can't wait to see the opposing force and for battle to commence!

    1. Cheers Gareth - should get them up tonight if I can keep my eyes open long enough!

  3. This is great, finding armies how they used to be, something of everything in a good versus evil setup. I look forward to seeing the battle report unfold.

    1. Thanks Mike - variety is certainly the spice of life!

  4. Great stuff! The Griffon is especially beautiful! Dig the Troll Slayers too! Looking forward to the Battle Report!

    1. Thanks Mouse - they scrubbed alright!

      Deployment and table set-up coming up this evening...