Sunday 7 October 2012

To the Victor go the Spoils...

... and my good pal Phreedh has certainly spoiled me with this unexpected and very kind prize for winning our little Paint a WFB Giant competition!

I am now the proud owner of two of the old Fighting Fantasy 54mm/60mm miniatures with the addition of this fine Orc. Despite the great lines of flash adorning his sides and the well worn loved details on his face, I am rather taken with him. I'm thinking along the lines of painting him up as some kind of ogre with human type skin tones as obviously he's far too large to go green! Its a shame my spare Giant weapon doesn't fit him, although I'm sure another alternative will come to me at some point.

Knuckle dragging was a common pastime among the Giant races

This is how he stacks up with the old (and best) Jes Goodwin Ogres and our old friend the giant. He is a little on the large side to be a regular Ogre - if there is such a thing - but I might just press on anyway and see how he turns out...


  1. Oooh nice. Giants Titans and Giant Demons on a Budget suggests to use him as an Evil Demon, a kind of orcy balrog or something.

  2. Cheers for the link Zhu - that's a great idea.

    My words - he's too big to be painted green

    Description of Evil Giants from Norsca - An Evil Giant can grow 14' tall. Skin colour is goblin-like, green and unpleasant.

    Hmm - do I feel unimaginative now!

  3. Before I decided to ditch him, I thought I'd use him as a large troll. Now I have other giant trolls (Metal Magic and Olley's Armies) that I'd prefer to do before this so I thought he could go some ways to say thanks for the 90s naffness I got from you! Sorry to say I sold off all the weaponry on swedebay as well as the other orc (standing up, fur coat), a chaos warrior (he was my favourite as a kid) and a he-man looking barbarian. Hope you can get past the wear and tear, he's not in the best of shape. I remember me and my cousin building snow caves for them (including my ogre/giant) when we were kids so he has definitely spent some time outdoors living the rough life.

    1. Those Bob Olley trolls are brilliant - love the one Gareth has painted up on his blog. Are the Metal Magic ones now masquerading as Giants in the Splintered Light 15-18mm fantasy range?

      Anyway thanks - this chap is a great swap for those 90's placcies I sent you. Thank you very much indeed :)

      I could go on to berate you about the selling off the other FF guys, but we've all got rid of stuff we wish we (or someone else) hadn't!

      To be honest I'm not sure how useful a 50' Mighty thewed (gotta love those names!) Barbarian or Chaos Warrior would have been in a 28mm setting?

      Thanks for the potted history - its nice to know where minis have been and sounds like this chap has had a great life with you and your cousin. I feel inspired now to get some Swedish influences into the colour scheme (if you have any tips) and maybe even try out a little snow on his base...

      Currently he is going through the painful process of having the flash and mould lines melted off him :0