Tuesday 16 October 2012

A Miniature world in Miniature...

Just received a very nice parcel today from fellow Old Hammerite, Skarsnik and Old Lead, of Opponent Finder and Citadel Giant fame. Bumped into him over on the LAF flogging a few bits and pieces and was most interested in the Warmaster stuff he had going. One very good deal later (thanks again mate!) and I was the proud owner of this little lot - apart from the rule book which I acquired a while back and has made interesting bedtime reading for the past week or two.

I now have a sizeable skeleton horde which, although officially being Tomb King in nature, actually looks generic enough in the main to represent a good old Old World Udead army.

There are some very nice Chaos bits including Chaos hounds, Dragon riders and Character sets - Baron Kraust's Grand Army is shaping up nicely...

Also waiting in our puppy-proof mail receptacle was another little package, again from another fellow LAF'er, TheRed Epic, with a lovely little Empire hero on Griffin and War Altar of Sigmar. Along with the High Elf and Dwarf sets that came with Skarsnik's set, they will form the beginnings of the Empire's Allied force scraped together to stand against the Baron.

Currently on the painting table are 12 stands of skeleton archers (24 skellies altogether) and 6 stands of Undead cavalry (12 horsemen altogether) who are well on their way to being finished - gotta love 10mm for getting large forces painted relatively quickly!

So I have some happy evenings ahead of myself, ruining my eyesight painting all this 10mm goodness. I'll be thinking a bit more about how to tie the various narrative strands of the leading characters in each of my factions as we go along. In fact I'd best come up with some characters for the factions I haven't really done much with so far - might make a nice change now and again to paint something completely different in the form of some of the key characters I hope to follow...

Added to that I should also decide on a map and familiarise myself with the geography of the area - let me know if you have any views on a definitive map of the Empire/Old World that has enough detail to plot the 28mm skirmishes that will lead up to the larger scale 10mm battles.

Bubbling along nicely as well is my Lustria project, which I'll be pottering away at along side all these Old World shenanigans. Its a good sign that I keep raking through my boxes of Norsemen, Slann, Amazons and Lizardmen as there's loads of minis I can't wait to get painted.

There's a bit more progress to share with you on the Cold Ones, which are turning into a bit of labour of love - God help me if I ever want to expand the unit!

Thanks to Ti Pouchon over on the Oldhammer forum for his suggestion of sharpening the ears on the jaguar pelts a little to make them more cat like - I think it worked a treat.

A few spots have also gone some way to setting them off nicely too!

I now eagerly await a package from another LAF'er, LeadAsbestos (a true Ogre conoisseur), who has very kindly dug me out some spare Aztec bits and pieces and done me a very good deal on a load of Aztec warriors. The bits and pieces, along with the feathers that Mason sent me (yup - another LAF'er - They're a good bunch aren't they! Check out his amazing Mordheim table.), will be used to spruce up the riders and make them look like the elite warriors they are. I have plans for the Aztec warriors to become a unit of native slave warriors for the Slann, which of course has nothing at all to do with the exorbitant prices the citadel Slann slave minis fetch on ebay!


  1. I saw that collection of warmaster figs and briefly thought about them - but managed to resist. Map wise have you seen this Its a downloadable googlemaps style map of the Old World. Might be what you are looking for.
    The cold one riders look great btw - the ears are much better now. As for slaves have you looked at I was thinking of using these if I ever went off to Lustria

    1. Stronger willed than me then!

      I've seen a few maps off that site but hadn't really looked at the interactive one - should definitely come in handy.

      The outpost Aztecs look great too, especially the novices.

  2. Warmaster. Hmm. Dismissed it when it came out. I consistently hear rumours about how good it is.


    Anyhow, I saw something you might like for slaves. Take a look at the Perry Miniatures plastic Sudanese Tribesmen. The cans be assembled with a variety of heads, and one configuration could look VERY slann slaves if you need more of them.

    1. Yup I completely missed it, mind you that was probably before I got back into the hobby. I did enjoy playing Space Marine back in the day so smaller scales have always appealed.

      Those Sudanese tribesmen are looking good - hadn't even thought to check out the Perrys. I had been eyeing up their mounted crossbowmen and men at arms though...

    2. Yep, they make some great kits. I was tempted to try converting some Flintloque undead from the Napoleonic range, but that's a project for another day.

  3.! I will not let you get me interested in Warmaster! I already found myself looking at dark Future Box sets after Orylggs last blog and I will not be tempted by this too...No I Said!

    but think of the mass scale of the combat...sure is tempting.

    Jaguar pelts look Great!


    1. Blue, you know resistance is ultimately futile!

      Also tempting is the speed with which you can paint up large armies of the little guys - update tomorrow hopefully...