Saturday, 9 June 2012

Reptile Round-up!

Gurgyll Greenwake surveyed the scene, his tongue flickering out to moisten his eyeballs which had become dry with rage. His once proud army, if a renegade band of bandits, orphans and desperadoes could be said to be proud, lay in tatters around him. Pitiful croaks issued from the wounded and those who probably wouldn't see another spawning.

Where had it all gone wrong - the dryskin settlement had always been a soft target - as soft as the repulsive creatures' skin that parted so satisfyingly beneath his blade. There had been defensive walls and traps dug and, as identical in their hairy ugliness as the apes were, there had also been newcomers amongst the usually spineless beasts.

These strangers had been fearsome indeed, especially the ones that had painted their hides and went about almost naked. Gurgyll winced as flashbacks of the carnage the Norse berserkers had wrought on his jungle braves played over in his mind.

There had been a name. Called out many times, almost a rallying cry for the dryskins. Ssssven. The Slann chief spat out the unfamiliar word with cold fury. He would have his revenge. The apes, short and tall, would not get far in the jungle, his jungle. They would leave tracks in their floundering path, their stench would linger long in the undergrowth, their foul braying would be heard for miles around.

With a rapid succession of clicks, hisses and croaks from Gurgyll, a small party of brightly coloured jungle braves melted into the jungle.

"Be their shadow, cold and silent. Mark their passage well that we might fall upon them as the eagle does."

First things first though - Gurgyll needed reinforcements, willing or not...

Gurgyll Greenwake's gang is much reduced after their defeat at Vastervik. The desire for revenge is strong but Gurgyll must replace his losses before tracking down Sven. To this effect the remaining Slann warriors have marched on a nearby Lizardman settlement and intend on pressganging as many warriors, reluctant or otherwise, to their cause.

The Lizardmen, already basking in the relative freedom brought about by the decline of the Slann Empire, will obviously put up a good fight!

Again maps to follow - main features will be the Lizardman settlement in the centre of the table, consisting of a few small mud huts set in a clearing. Around this will be thick jungle intersected by a series of jungle tracks. Two small hills lie to the North and East of the settlement.

Obviously this is tailored to my collection but as long as the Slann outnumber the Lizardmen any combination of models is fine.

Gurgyll Greenwak, Level 20 hero - light armour and magical sword - magical absorption, strength drain and talking weapon (2nd ed magical properties)
5 Jungle Braves armed with handweapons, blowpipes and poison darts
10 Slann warriors - light armour, shields and hand weapons
5 Cold One Warriors - light armour, shields and hand weapons. Led by Level 10 champion
Slann handler and 2 Cold One Warhounds

Karnac - Level 10 hero - two hand weapons, shield
5 Lizardmen archers - hand weapons, bows and shields
1 Troglodyte - light armour and double handed weapon
10 Lizardmen warriors - hand weapons

Starting the Game
Turn 1 - The Lizardman player sets up first, placing two sentries anywhere on the edge of the settlement. The rest of the Lizardman force starts inside the mudhuts.

Turn 2 - The Slann player may set up their jungle braves anywhere on the table, but no loser than 16" to the village. The main force enters the Southern edge of the table.

Turn 3 - Play continues as normal - note the Lizardmen will not be aware of the Slann's approach until they can draw a line of sight to a Slann model.


Unfortunately victory for the Lizardmen is unlikely as they are somewhat outnumbered. However, the following points system may earn them a moral victory!

Slann +1
Cold One Warhounds +1
Cold One riders +2
Gurgyll Greenwake + 5

Lizardmen killed or captured -1
Karnac killed or captured -3

Lizardmen escaped from North table edge +1
Karnac escaped from North table edge +3



Lizardmen killed/escaped -1
Lizardmen captured +1

Karnac killed/escaped -3
Karnac captured +5

Special Rules

Capturing Lizardmen
Each time a Lizardman is beaten in combat by a Slann roll a D6.
On a 5 or 6 (maybe just a 6 if this causes too many casualties!) the Slann has been a bit too liberal dishing out punishment and the Lizardman is killed, providing it fails its saving throw, if any.
Anything below a 5 or 6 results in the Lizardman being stunned, again assuming the saving throw is failed, if any.

Once a Lizardman has been stunned the Slann must remain in base contact for 1 turn while the captive is bound. Bound captives may be left unattended to be collected later, although the Lizardman player may try to rescue them. This is achieved by moving a free Lizardman into base contact with the captive and remaining there unmolested for 1 turn.

After 1 turn any unrestrained captives that are not in base contact with a Slann may roll to see if they regain consciousness. Rolling under their toughness results in their recovery, although they will suffer from a -1 penalty to all their stats for that turn. After this dazed period stats return to normal.


  1. Sounds like a fun scenario. I'd like to see a battle report once it's played.

  2. Thanks - might be a while yet! Lots of minis to paint and a jungle board to construct. There will, however, definitely be reports posted some time in the future...