Friday, 8 June 2012

Latest mini received and Return of the Magnificent Sven

Well, as I'm on puppy watch (picked the little tinker up on Tuesday!) and am unable to spend any amount of time upstairs in my lead cave, thought I'd start typing up some of my thoughts on the scenarios I have planned for my Lustrian campaign.

This is he, destroyer of toy dinosaurs, moistener of floors and warmer of feet - Kipling, or Kip for short!

Anyway, lovely as he is, back to Lustria and here's the first scenario I have planned out. The whole campaign takes place where the original Magnificent Sven scenario finishes - assuming Sven is victorious and fights off Gurgyll Greenwake and his Slann Warband, thus saving the town of Vastervik.

Sven Rides Again

The celebrations had gone on long into the night, and the next, and the next. They were still going on. Or rather they were still going on for Sven and his rag-tag army. Juggo and the berserkers had almost reached a zen like state of drunkeness and worryingly the usually incoherent Dwarf was almost making sense when he opened his mouth. This had only been achieved after they had decided that the ale was no longer hitting the spot and had instead started on the engine grade alcohol that filled the fuel tanks of Sven's ship, Vokswagn. 

The townsfolk of Vastervik were beginning to forget how grateful they had been to their "liberators" for seeing off the Slann warband that had been terrorising them for as long as they could remember. Their beer was nearly all gone, their womenfolk thoroughly letched at (even worse than this - some had actually quite enjoyed it) and comatose Norsemen were becoming quite a considerable trip hazard in the streets. Thus amongst much melodramatic and needless (the Norse adventurers were far too drunk to even listen anymore) whispering a plan was hatched...

"A golden statue ten feet high you say..."

" standing inside a great temple made of gold..."

"and as many beautiful women as you can stuff under your arm... made of gold..."

The young lad who had passed the last remark looked around sheepishly as the others glared at him. It had done the trick though. Sven groggily raised his head up on one arm, bloodshot eyes struggling to focus on the villagers who stood before him. Unpeeling his tongue from the roof of his mouth, he attempted speech for the first time that day,

"Women made of... glod... now that shounds like sumfink worth going after"

The Vastervikians glanced at each other, hardly daring to believe that he was taking the bait. The young lad was prodded and encouraged to elaborate on his fantastic assertion, 

"Yes, lots of golden women, not far from here. I here they do a nice pint of Bugman's too..."

At this latest revelation Juggo suddenly came too. Sitting bolt upright he let out a strangled yelp of delight which sent the occupants of the room scuttling for cover.

"Right, that shettles it... we need us some of them golden womens and more beer..."

Red in Tooth and Mandible

The inhabitants of Vastervik are sick of their liberators and their week long victory binge. They have persuaded Sven and his band that it would be a good and most profitable idea to set off in search of the fabled Amazon temple of Rigg. However, little do the hungover adventurers realise that the townsfolk don't have their best interests at heart and have sent them off into a particularly nasty bit of the jungle...

Maps are to follow but will basically consist of the river Amoco winding across the table lengthways. There will be a couple of places where it can be crossed - possibly a disused rope bridge with attendant risks and shallow rapids with rocky outcrops/stepping stones. The rest of the terrain will consist of dense and light jungle, jungle tracks and the odd hill and clearing.

Starting the Game
The Norse player should divide their force as they wish and deploy on the large jungle track on the southern edge of the map. The GM or opposing player will only deploy their forces as they encountered - rules to follow.

Turn 1 - Norse player starts by moving down the track as they see fit.

Turn 2 - Norse player may move again. GM/opposing player rolls on the encounter chart to see whether they can deploy any of their forces. The game continues in this manner from now on.

The Norse player should be victorious as their objective is to get from one side of the table to the other. What isn't certain is how many troops they can get to safety...

Jungle Nasties
There are no victory conditions as such - just be as much of a nuisance as you can. All losses sustained by the Norse player will not be replaced for the rest of the campaign.

Special Rules
The following rules are pretty much of the top of my head and will probably need tweaking - all suggestions welcome!

The Norse player should be confronted with a seemingly empty table and a simple enough task of getting from one side to the other. This however, is not going to be the case! 

Firstly the Norse will be suffering from the after effects of their victory celebrations in Vastervik. Roll on the Hangover table to see how worse for wear each character is. Once the player has decided how they are grouping their troops similar rolls should be made for each unit/troop type.

The following characters and troop types must add 1 to their score because of their extra susceptibility to the effects of alcohol:

Sven, Juggo and the berserkers - because of their herculean efforts at contracting alcohol poisoning
 Raidocks Timowit should add 2 to his score - he is quite literally a complete lightweight!

Riolta Snow is exempt from this roll - preferring to distance herself from the crass behaviour of her human companions.
Similarly Karra Lakota, the renegade Amazon, refused to join in the festivities because of her dislike of the Norsemens' chauvinistic tendencies.
Aygar Mistletaine was far too busy gathering herbs and studying. He prefers his own company to the raucous jovialty of the tavern.

Dice score
1                     Mild headache - no effect
2                     Splitting headache and dehydration -1 M and I
3                     Pounding headache, carpet tongue and blurred
                       vision -1 to M, WS, BS and I
4                     Mild alcohol poisoning, nausea and
                       disorientation -1 to M, WS, BS, S and I
5                     Uncontrollable vomiting, lack of coordination
                       and dehabilitating headaches and cramps
                       -2 to M, WS, BS and S, and -1 to T and I
6                     Comatose! The character or troop type won't
                       be able to participate actively in this scenario.
                       They may be carried/dragged by their more able
                       companions at 11/2" per model assisting.

Creature Encounters
The GM/opposing player should make a roll after each Norse movement phase - the size of unit and rate of movement will affect what kind of creature may be encountered in the following opposing players turn. The higher the score on the D6 roll, the nastier/more numerous the creatures that appear. Similarly the bigger the unit, the more noise they are likely to make hence the modifiers to the number of creatures encountered. 

Both Karra and Riolta have a reducing effet on noise (-1 to the dice roll for any unit they are associated with - this is cumulative) due to their natural grace/familiarity to the jungle.

Dice Score
1                     Swarm of snakes/insects/carnivorous frogs
2                     Giant Carnivorous Bird and young
3                     Giant Toad/Slann brute
4                     Giant Snake
5                     Giant Scorpion
6                     Giant Spider

Size of Unit                           Number of Creatures
1-4 models                            1
5-9 models                           2
10 or more models             3

Creatures can be placed anywhere within 12" from the models that attracted them after the Norse movement phase. They are then free to move as is required during the opposing players turn.
If the required number of creatures aren't available make the number up with whatever nasties you have.

Thoughts and improvements are all most welcome.


  1. Cracking post mate! Love Kip too he looks to be a fine dog (:

  2. Cheers - its good to get some of these ideas down on paper, or electronically at least.

    Kip's certainly made himself at home here and Bran, our four year old Chocolate Lab seems to be accepting him a bit more - which is a relief :)