Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When Karl met Kremlo...

Morning all, and I'm glad to say my Lustria project is ticking along nicely thanks to the LPL - apologies to anyone actually still waiting for the final installment of Orc's Drift - realistically its going to be at least another couple of weeks befor I start it as I have a rather ambitious Round 10 planned....

Anyways, back to the steaming equatorial armpit of the Warhammer World, and a couple of veritable celebrities. Some of the older lags among you may remember my Magnificent Sven entry in last year's LPL -

- for which I'd got my hands on most of the cast of characters, except Karl Ustracutter - represented here by Ulrik Ulrikson, one of the more imaginatively named Heroic fighters of the Known World.

Having been priced out of the market for such desirable minis like Hagar Sheol and Ozrim Chardz for the Orc's Drift scenario, I made up my mind to track down Mr Ustracutter. To cut a long story short - here he is a year later, along with Kremlo the Slann, star of his own scenario (and another set of minis I now need have!)

I copied-ish his shield from the cardboard cutout illustrations that came with the old WFB 2nd ed. package...

... and attempted a lighter skin tone to represent his advanced years, in contrast to the strapping young berserkers accompanying him.

Talking of which - here they are - a mixture of the Tribesmen and Norse ranges, as I didn't think your average Norseman, nevermind berserker, would want to be wearing full war gear in the presure cooker of the Lustrian jungles.


And two Norse berserkers of a slightly older vintage -

Including this chap from the Kremlo scenario -

As suggested by my old chum Phreedh, here's one of the Wood Elf wardancers I painted up quite some time ago. Nice to see I've come some way in my human flesh tones (don't know why I find green easier?) and tattooing!

Finally its on to Kremlo himself - a great mini and an interesting scenario. Found washed up on the shoreline near their village, Kremlo is adopted by a Norse village headman and raised as his own son - hence the Norse outfit. Things get a little tricky when some of Kremlo's former tribesmen raid the village...

More info here if you're unfamiliar with the scenario -

I plan on working Kremlo into the Magnificent Sven sequel I'm cooking up somehow - perhaps as an objective for a scenario and then potential ally should the Norse player be successful...


  1. This reminds me of Brechin High School wargames club's version of the scenario which we ran at the Claymore Show, I think in 1983. Warhammer was new and unfamiliar to us and as we ran the game that day we couldn't understand why the Slann blowpipe warriors were killing the Norsemen with ease. After the game we discovered we had totally misread the rules for blowpipes and had been playing that they hit everything except on a 1! That and the bright orange temple which formed the centrpiece of our table.....

    Great looking figs - really like the woad on the beserkers

  2. Cheers Kingsley - nice story and that temple certainly sounds very 80's!

    Reminds me of a few games from our much humbler school wargaming club (me and a few mates who stayed behind after school and pushed a few desks together for a gaming table - much to the bemusement of our form teacher!). My old mate had an interesting interpretation of the rules for Whirlwind terminators which often resulted in the wholesale destruction of large swathes of my old plastic Imperial Guard - until we reread the rules together...

    Did get him back by arming every single trooper with haywire grenades the next time we played mind ;)