Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ugluk's Last Stand...

Hello again folks and another LPL entry for your delectation.

Last week was the second themed round and the theme was the worlds of Tolkien. This gave me a nice excuse to dip my toe into a scale I have been tempted by for a while now, and purchase some of Copplestone's lovely 10mm fantasy figures.

I went for the encounter between Eomer's Rohirrim and the Uruks, led by Ugluk, who had captured Merry and Pippin. Caught and surrounded at the edge of Fangorn Forest, Ugluk and his Uruk-hai are cut down by the fierce Riders of Rohan.

The Uruk-hai


The Rohirrim

Eomer and standard bearer


  1. Outstanding! Great work on the 'smaller' scale.

  2. No way, you have to stop this. The wife just bought me a tonne of these for my birthday. Why do we always end up on the same projects!

    Still mine are much more likely to join the BFA lead and plastic in an unpainted state. I did get the dwarfs done maybe get them out.

    Any way nice painting particularly for the scale. I see a little influence form the films. What rules are you planning on using with these?

  3. Thanks Michael - loving your work on the historical stuff. You may well tempt me over yet some time in the distant future, although probably in more of a pulpy/dinosaur hunty kind of way!

    What can I say Erny - great minds think alike! Worry not though, finishing Orc's Drift and cracking on with the Mighty Sven is going to take most of my time up for the foreseeable future. Then there's the Blood Bowl teams and Man 'O War fleets to paint up and hopefully play a few games of.

    10mm is, however, definitely something I'd like to get into in a big way at some point - as for rules I'm going to have to research that a bit more. The Battle of the Five Armies interests me but I haven't seen much stuff for it available. Warmaster and HOTT seem popular - any suggestions?

    1. I believe BFA is Warmaster, I have the former not the latter so not sure. I also think it may still be available with the plastic minis, worth picking up if it is still about. I'm not a huge fan of exact angles, pips and bounds of the DBA like games so I may just try some home brewing.

  4. I wondered whether it was based on Warmaster. Might have to have a scout around...

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for your home brew rules :)