Monday, 26 July 2010

When Hell is full...

... the Dead will walk the Earth!

More plastic goodness from the old Citadel skeleton army. Got bits and pieces for a load more warriors, a few archers and cavalry, although I'm still lamenting the loss of the chariot!

Pretty quick paint jobs on these as I should really be concentrating on Orc's Drift - 5 weeks of holidays to get the painting done and the games played!

... and the obligatory battle scene!


  1. Skeleton Army! Do you know, those were some of the first WFB models I ever bought? Nice seeing them out and about again. You've done a nifty job on them and all.

  2. Thanks Von - now I've got a quick and easy method of painting them there should be a few more being reanimated over the coming weeks - Orc's Drift permitting!