Saturday 10 July 2010

Honour among thieves...

... or is that vanity in this case?!

I will explain...

Next addition to the Linden Way militia are some adventurer types who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

First up is Reynard Quicksilver (an obvious nom de guerre!) an adventurer with an ego as big as his reputation is small. Seeing the plight of the settlement of Linden Way as a ripe opportunity for heroics of the first order he was first in the queue to sign up.

Quick to brag about his exploits and how he came to own the two fine blades he wields, Reynard makes for a fairly dull and obnoxious drinking partner. This, along with his rather haughty manner, due to some long distant Elven ancestry, hasn't won Reynard many friends within the militia!

Slightly less willing in their posting to Linden Way are Gustave and Ric - two thief adventurers who were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Relaxing in one of the less salubrious inns in Meledir, the pair were horrified when the long arm of the law burst in to "ask" for volunteers for the militia. Having been recognised by the town Sheriff as the culprits of a recent and failed robbery involving the prized collection of hallucinogenic fungi belonging to the local Druidic Cult of the Singing Mushroom and a large guard dog, it was suggested that past transgressions might be forgotten in return for some good old military service.

The two thieves are actually quite popular amongst the men of the milltia and do a roaring trade in illicit booze and other contraband. Ric, thinly disguised as a young man to avoid any unwanted attention, has unfortunately become something of a favourite of Captain Leofric. Slightly worried and confused by his attraction to the young "lad", Leofric has convinced himself he is just looking out for him due to the tenderness of his years...

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