Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Jes Goodwin Goodness

A while ago I treated myself to a copy of the 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle rule book as a bit of a nostalgia trip, and to replace the one I used to own many moons ago. Owning as I do a load of old orcs, ranging from the original Ruglud's Armoured Orcs to some of the early 90s Night Goblins, an idea was slowly beginning to form as I seemed to keep opening the book and gaze wistfully at the old Jes Goodwin Wood Elf minis pictured staving off Goblinoid  and chaotic hordes.

So I got on ebay and a few?! quid later I had assembled a respectable force of Wood Elves, including the original "old duffer" treeman, a Zoat, most of Skarlocs archers (still need Skarloc and his mad, two sword wielding champion) and some wild cat animal handlers. I really wanted the old Elf Kin spearmen but had to settle with some reasonably priced 90s Glade Guard with spears as they were proving rarer than hen's teeth. So all I have to do now is paint them all up, retouch and reassemble the old orcs and convince someone to join me in a nostalgic and probably very slow game of 3rd edition WFB, with all its mad rules!

Here's the first of many - an old Jes Goodwin sculpt of a Wardancer.

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